Essay on Aadhar Card – Benefits of Aadhar Card

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Aadhar Card is a boost to Digital India Initiative

Aadhaar Card soon is going to be a mandatory identity card and was initially launched on 28th January, 2008. It gives each individual a unique 12-digit identity number based on biometrics and information collected by UIDAI. Unique Identification Authority of India is the official body for collecting the information as established under Government of India on 12th July, 2016. The information and 12-digit number is issued to the individuals under the Aadhar Act, 2016. With the introduction of Aadhaar card, government encouraged all the citizens of India to get the enrolment by setting up stalls in nook and corners of the country for documentation purpose.

Free Essay on Aadhar Card

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An attempt to curb problems related to fake Ids

India has faced the problem of illegal immigrants who are successful in getting fake IDs to stay in India. The Aadhar card service started in India to give unique identity to each and every Indian citizen based on their demographics and biometrics that includes fingerprints and retina scans. One of the major impacts of creation of Aadhar card is it reduce the risk of fake ID proofs. With the valid Aadhar Card, it has become possible to transfer wages to individuals in timely manner working under MNREGA. The card can be used for multiple purposes and can be linked to many government and non-government documents. In order for individuals to become eligible for various government schemes, Aadhar card is extremely important.

Benefits of having the Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card has lot of benefits, something that you will be essential in lot of things that you. It identifies you as an individual and unique citizen of the country and can be used in wide range of identification proof. Through the PAHAL scheme, using Aadhar card as identity proof, the LPG subsidy is directly transferred into ones bank account. It is an integral identification proof even for issuing passport. With the intention of Digital India, our honourable Prime Minister has ensured that it acts as digital ID proof. The 12-digit unique ID numbers is stored digitally and can be identified digitally. It is one of the important requirements for counting the presence of Government officials in the office. Apart from this, the Aadhar card is accepted as ID in getting new SIM, vehicles and many other things.

Applying for the Aadhar Card

Government has made it very convenient for individuals to apply for the card. Initially many stalls were established for enrolling for the issue of the card. The form for applying for Aadhar card is now available on the official website of UIDAI that needs to be duly filled after printout. Iris scan and fingerprint is taken as biometric during the enrolment and an acknowledgement slip is given to the individual. The information provided by you will be verified and a confirmation SMS and e-mail will be sent to post which it is will mailed to your mailing address. It is a great initiative taken by our Prime Minister for digital India and maintenance of data in digital format.

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