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An animal shelter is a place, promoted by charitable endowment, facilitating a interim shelter for abandoned animals, which later are recommended for adoption or reunion of lost pets with their owners. These shelters lodge animals as long as it is feasible, or transfer them to other establishments where they are endeavored for adoption. They put significant effort in searching new home for these abandoned lives, that may be homeless, abused, or sufferer of hoarding.  When required, they also dispense a  benevolent death for homeless and unadoptable beings.

free essay on Animal Shelter

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Types of Animal shelter: These establishments can be classified into three types: 1) Municipality run center control by local government bodies; 2) Private organizations with non profit motive, controlled by board of directors; 3) Private, non profit organization with government aid to facilitate animal care help.


Municipality run centers are commonly endowed with free access of animals, which means they admit all animals that come to their gate for help by public or captured by animal control authority during patrolling.  Due to free access facility, sometimes municipal agencies are forced to euthanize animals in order to accommodate new entries.


Private non profit agencies depends on the allowances and contribution to fund their activities.  They have controlled access and provide no kill facilities, thereby, providing better life for those grieved animals.  Their limited access facility allows them not to euthanize animals to accommodate more.  However, they are force to turn down the admission of new animal if there is no vacancy at that time.


These agencies be it municipal or private arrange advance care grids to enhance the count of animals they can care in a particular time.


Other services at animal shelter: These establishments may facilitate other aids for mass if means are adequate enough to do so.  These aids involve animal health services like test and sterilize surgeries, behavioral assessments and training, humane education and many others.

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Conception of animal shelter establishment: Protection for companion livestock established from the confinements that were prevailing in colonial towns and that were utilized to keep roving livestock and strays. The pound master would then take these stray animals and enclose them at the confinements. If the owner desired to reclaim the animal he would be charged  a redemption fee by the pound master. The pound master’s income was not salary based, but depended on redemption fees to live. If animals were not reclaimed, the prison master would slaughter the livestock and sell the meat. However, with time the condition of animal shelter improved with better amenities and facilities.


Infrastructure:  Animal shelter can be a single room with numerous cages or most advanced level establishments with luxuries that might combat some hotels.  The amenity highlights like waterfall, piped-in music aids to dwindle down the stress of animals in the establishments and mold the shelter more captivating with positive vibes, thereby inviting more and more onlookers to visit the facility and adopt those mercy lives.


Animal shelter can add the term Humane society or “SPCA” (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to their name. This is a common term, not associated to any bigger establishment nor has exceptional power.  Actually, many Humane societies and SPCAs are discrete from each other.  National associations do not have any controlling authority on these independent establishments. National associations give guidelines and suggestions for animal shelters to be followed.


Importance of Animal Shelters: It is not only the animals who get comfort but also those who adopt them relish as well as they may get companion for their loneliness, or may be tamed them for domestic purpose. It is very hard to think society without animal shelters as thousands of animals are being looked after with proper care instead being stray.  The impact on public health and safety would become incalculable without these establishments.  There are various reasons to second these animal shelters and to support them, such as:

  • Sometime these establishments play an important role in protecting humans from dangerous animals. They take away such animals from the street making us feel safe.
  • They are responsible for animals health and well beings and ensure proper veterinary care to animals. They are alert of communicable disease and prevent them from spreading by taking advance action.
  • They conduct public education programs regarding animal welfare.


In the end:  Animals are bestowed with second chance at life, love and contentment by these organizations and charities. Most of the benevolence act done by animal shelters is done without any publicity. Despite the contrary the work done is intense and severely substantial.  Those who toil hard day and night caring those voiceless are entitled to adoration.  They work not to receive accolades but to save those abandoned animals.  However, they deserve more than our appreciations.

Life is a precious gift bestowed by god whether it is human or animal.  We should always come forward to back those establishments working hard to save those abandoned lives.

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