Essay on corrupt society

Free 500 words Essay on corrupt society for school and college students.

By Society we mean, group of individuals following a particular trend. Our society is human-based. Just like Humans, they fail and evolve over a period of time. When these societies are driven by selfish or we call them greedy officials, then the seeds of corruption starts flourishing. Corruption is a kind of cancer that starts growing and continues to threaten people and the society in one or the other way. It devalues the growth of the country.

Essay on corrupt society

Let us focus on some of the key areas where corrupt societies affect the most:

Effect of corrupt society on the Economy of the country

Corrupt society impacts economy of the country in a very serious way. If a country is very strong economy-wise, and corruption starts affecting it, then it is difficult for that country to sustain the economy at the same level of success. There are corrupt officials that start interrupting and loot the public treasure, giving people what we call the problem of Inflation.

There are public contractors that win the tender and then pass on the services to private contractors.  How does this affect a Nations’ economy? The impact of this transformation mainly targets poor people. They tend to become weaker and richer continue to grow stronger.

Despite government help, rising inflation, prices of goods and commodities; consequences of this corrupt society are worst.

Effect of corrupt society on the Polity of the country

Corrupt society is not considered good for any profession. Corruption affects democracy of the country. It impacts governance as well.

During election, every candidate presents his or her best and tries to influence the voters. They promise to give every voter, quality life, good standard of living, and a safe country. But everything turns down once a candidate gets sufficient vote to win. This all is again a part of corrupt politics that a candidate plays with the voters to earn their faith and hence votes.

Effect of corrupt society on the societal development of the country

Corrupt society and group of corrupt officials are just like termites that start affecting society from the roots. Such type of corruption creates a hole like tumor and paralyze society, affected it to the worst. No society should think of development if its officials are corrupt.  Any society that want to see a positive change and is willing to accept corruption-free people should think of living in a developed society else everything is a dream.  Societies filled with corruption look for taking advantages of the people.

Corruption is a cancer that indirectly affects every section of the society. It affects the economy of the nation, makes it politically weak, and impacts development of the society.  In this century, where the corruption is widely seen, the middle and lower-class people are the most sufferers.


Corruption can be dealt only with punishment and watchfulness. Any corrupt society need utmost care and observation so that no corrupt germ can enter the nation and spread to impact it.

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