Essay on Cyber Security – Importance, Impacts and Future

Free 750 words essay on Cyber Security – Importance, Impacts and Future for school and college students.

With the proliferation of network connectivity, information technology, and digital devices, accessibility with the world has increased manifold. Globalization has transgressed boundaries and attenuated its importance. Almost every functional operation in multiple sectors are completely dependent on digital interface maximizing productivity and efficiency. It ranges to banking, telecommunications, industries, aviation, transportation, government services, entertainment industry, education, etc. However, connectivity and dependence to this scale has its own drawbacks. Increasing incidences of cyber espionage, cyber threats and malicious attacks have become a prime reason for concern. Of late, the hackers have even penetrated into some of the most sophisticated IT infrastructure of governments and mega enterprises. Examples include meddling with US government data, Experian and HBO hacking, and ransomware menace. The leads to the heightened necessity of cyber security to protect all digital devices from malevolent cyber assaults.

Free Essay on Cyber Security

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Each organization be it military, corporate, financial or medical, retains and processes huge amount of classified data crucial for their functioning. Such sensitive information is protected by intellectual property and efforts of millions of employees’ perseverance. Any unauthorized access or unsolicited exposure can cause damages to the tune of billions to the organization. In recent days, the world has seen the precision and sophistication of attacks that have increased both in volume and frequency endangering extremely confidential data being leaked out. Common cyberattacks include Zero-day attacks, cloud-data leakage, mobile malware, targeted attacks, SQL injection. This makes extensive specification of the areas of cyber protection. The category includes network defences, endpoint and mobile data protection, data in motion defences, data at rest defences, and analysis and correlation tools.


Cybersecurity is directly linked with privacy. Any online hacking threat is tantamount to loss of personal and non-shareable data, that can include financial credentials. A survey reports that in 2016 at least, 35.1% of computers were subjected to attack once. Reportedly 1,976,345 computer users were attempted with malware attacks. It has been predicted that in 2017 phishing and spear phishing methods of cyber warfare will exceedingly target individuals, employees and organizations. As smartphone users connected to Internet have increased, they’re likely to get infected with the vulnerabilities of mobile applications. The incidences of Ransomware attacks that locks the computer before a certain ransom is released will increase.

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This security mechanism needs protection from problems that affect families and children too such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and inappropriate media content. Cyberattacks have predominantly become a pervasive human capital crisis. Most consumers are unaware of online threats that can emanate from phishing emails, malware, cyber criminals, trojan horse, botnet, virus, worm, DDOS attacks, and spyware. Cybercrime is on the peak and so is hacktivism.


The elements of cyber encompasses network security, application security, endpoint security, data integrity, identity management, database and infrastructure security, cloud security, mobile security, business continuity planning, and end-user education.

Cybertheft can result into expropriation of financial, proprietary or personal information.

Denial of service attacks can slow down the system.

Botnet allows hackers command over other systems.

Cyberattacks on industrial control system can disrupt controlling equipment such as generators, pumps, or even nuclear centrifuges.

Hackers can target home network to access corporate networks.


  • Cybersecurity overview- It augments the resilience of computer systems and cyberspace.
  • Combating cybercrime- Emergency response teams in every organization or government entity.
  • Securing of federal networks- Each department and agency is prepared to thwart attempts of infiltration.
  • Protection of critical infrastructure- It emphasizes on protection of privacy, civil liberties, accessible security processes, and partnerships.
  • Cyber incident response and insurance- Quick investigation and protection against risks.
  • Cybersecurity education research and development- Strengthening the cybersecurity workforce through standardization of roles, promotion of awareness, and precautionary measures. Perpetual research to find innovative solutions.

Challenges in Future:

  • Effective security needs to be integrated into the design of Information and Communication technology devices and operations.
  • Incentivization of cybersecurity personnel who are scarce in numbers.
  • Common agreement on the risks, challenges, and approaches to cybersecurity among stakeholders.
  • Amidst the complication threat environment, special attention has to be given to social media, mobile computing, big data, cloud computing, and internet of things.

Precautionary steps:

  • Creation of secure passwords and constant replacements.
  • Keeping emails safe by not opening unknown attachments and disabling automatic previewing.
  • No sharing of important data.
  • Usage of updated and adequate anti-virus mechanism software.
  • Regular evaluation of responsibilities and access to sensitive data.
  • Promotion of international cooperation.
  • Development of national cyber defense capabilities.
  • Synchronizing of military planning with civil emergencies.
  • Ensuring high level of awareness.
  • Development of legal framework for cyber-security.
  • Training of cybersecurity professionals and institutional capacity building.
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