Essay on Development of Science and Technology

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Since the advent of civilization, it is an augmentation in science and technology that has been the yardstick of development. Humanity began with the discovery of fire and food, and now it is thinking of extraterrestrial colonization. Evolution of science and technology has found application in every aspect of our existence and is making mind-boggling progress every passing second. 

Free Essay on Development of Science and Technology

Some scientific breakthroughs of recent time have been transformational, capable of changing our lives forever. Chinese alchemists experimented with unknown substances to produce gunpowder, changing warfare techniques irreversibly. The electricity we can’t imagine existence without emerged from the fundamental principles of physics and evolved into the most complex systems on earth. Penicillin drug which became the pioneering antibiotics supplemented with the discovery of vaccination saves millions of lives even today.


The human imagination that was once unrealistic has turned into functioning reality with rational credulity. Physicists have finally found evidence of the Gravitational Waves at the LIGO observatory, which suggests that they are ripples in the curvature of space and time. Such extraordinary claims bring us closer to the mystery behind the ancient celestial events that was elusive to present optical and radio telescopes, thus proving Einstein’s 100-year old theory. Astronomers have given concrete evidence of exoplanet Proxima B which is the closest Earth-like planet. Furthermore, NASA has embarked on multiple space missions to explore planets and asteroids, with greater precision in a quest to discover a new life. Under the mentorship of the legendary Stephen Hawking, billionaires have jumped into space and interstellar exploration bandwagon through Operation Starshot.

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As Zika Virus and Ebola become an international epidemic and threat, scientists and researchers across the globe have made significant achievements in finding a cure for its diagnosis. CRISPR has emerged as a revolutionary gene-editing tool that has the potential to alter the course of medicinal treatment forever, and solve environmental calamities. Personalized medicines and three-parent “designer babies” are the next generation solution to health problems. Gene Therapy 2.0 can solve some fundamental hereditary problems even before they emerge. Scientists have even made progress in healing head and spinal cord injuries by the prospect of using ‘brain implants’.

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With the threat of climate change looming large, exceptional discoveries have been made that helps in carbon sequestration through the concept of ‘Carbon Storage and Capture.’ Renewable energy has become a politically and economically sensitive matter and every government in the international sphere have put their stakes in developing alternate sources of energy. In this context, Hot Solar Cells could potentially convert heat into focused beams of light helping a device produce cheap and continuous power. Tesla chief Elon Musk has already made battery operated cars a fashion statement, and this non-fossil fuel automobile revolution is the most intermittent one for the world. To fight the problem of water scarcity, countries like Israel have figured groundbreaking techniques of mega-scale water desalination. They are operating world’s largest and cheapest reverse osmosis desalination system.

Although genetically modified plants have received credible zeitgeist, it is not quite sufficient in solving hunger problems of the world. Scientists have made huge advancements in hydroponics that can solve the problem of paucity of land, changing the future of gardening. Superwheat is under processing and is claimed to potentially produce 40% more food than the present variety.

In the field of technology, the progress is unfathomable and highly stimulating. Artificial intelligence will now be a part of the socio-economic progress of humanity. This amplified technology is the reason for why we are standing at the cusp of Fourth Industrial Revolution that will completely change the nature and consequence of work. Already driverless cars will transform the automobile industry. Big Data Analytics will get into the skin of not just business corporations and marketing but also, international governments. Quantum computers will unparalleled and unsurpassable power is now practical, leaving no space for cyber crimes.

Social Media revolution has made it so incredibly ubiquitous that practically no communication works without the involvement of these social media sites. It has made the world virtually a small place and truly globalized. Project Loon by Facebook is an ambitious program to allow internet penetration even in the remotest parts of the world. Nano-architecture too has taken a magic leap that can change conventional construction forever. Drones have become a safer and advanced means of reconnaissance and are set to be used by E-commerce giants like Amazon sooner.

Humans have made unprecedented and prodigious innovations, from ultra-private smartphones to brain mapping. This blazing fast science and technology will display massive developments in future.

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