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Free 830 Words Essay on Divorce – Key Factors Behind Divorce,  Effects on Kids, Positive and Negative side of Divorce for School and College Students.

Like any house to be indestructible, its foundation has to be impregnable enough to avert it from devastation caused by any environmental disaster.  Similarly, marriage forms the foundation for an ideal home and if it is not ardent then home can be easily wrecked by divorce mishap.  Before discussing about after effects of divorce, we have to know the root cause of divorce.

free essay on Divorce

Key factors behind divorce:


Intolerance: Nowadays, the divorce have increased at phenomenal rate and the key reason out of many is the intolerant mind of ours.  We have removed the word “ADJUSTMENT”  from our life’s vocabulary.  No one is ready to move a step back to take a big leap.  The relationship of husband and wife is like elastic, if you stretch beyond its tensile strength it becomes plastic and finally breaks.  Marriage is an elastic string that can be easily broken if stretched continuously.  So try to maintain the elasticity of your relationship and avoid turning it to plastic.


Missing trust: Second important reason for marriage breakdown is the lack of trust between the two.  This five letter word is the key for a successful marriage.  Unlike most of the relationships, this relationship is by choice not by chance.  If you choose something, you have to keep faith in your choice and also do possible effort not to break that faith.


Effects of Divorce:


Being known to everyone the adverse consequences of divorce, one enters this psychological grief.   Marriage ending up with divorce is always a painful act even if it happen between abusive relationship as it leave back lots of unwanted memories and pains.   Many recent studies reveal various long term  psychological, mental, physical, economic, and social repercussion of divorce.


Children the real victim:  Despite of many tempestuous debates enduring regarding pros and cons of divorce, the real victim of divorce are the children who never ever want their parents to get separated in front of them.  It may be a sigh of relief for couples in unhappy relationship to be parted but for kids it is not less than a nightmare and unwillingly they end up with psychological distress.


  • Studies have shown that little ones blossoming in an unbroken family having both biological parents are found to be exceeding on a wide range of results than kids growing up in a single-parent family.
  • Single parenthood may be one of the causes for juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, or other negative outcomes we go through. This doesn’t mean that children of single parent does not excel and succeed in their life, they do and also, most of them are mature in handling relationships as they have been through the ups and downs laid by their parents.
  • It is also seen that kids living with both their biological parents are happier in comparison to those whose either of the parents are not biological.  There are many cases seconding harmful consequences to adolescents form second marriages.  Remarriage of parents may help kids provided it being a healthy marriage.  The term healthy marriage itself is debatable.  However, healthy marriage is usually typified as more conclusive communication, contentment, cohesion and decrease in clash.  While, an unhealthy marriage distinguished by consequential parental fights leads to threat towards kid’s welfare as they are directly exposed to the negative effects as a consequences when they are bystander during their parent’s fight and also, constant fights between husband and wife indirectly impact their parenting dexterity.  Marital antagonism is correlated with rise in offensive and unruly demeanor on the part of tots, which may lead to compeer repudiation, failure as collegiate, and other alienated conducts.
  • Risk of behavioral problems increases among kids whose parents are divorced than those who lives with their both parents irrespective of happy or unhappy family. Various researches reveal that kids of divorce parents are more prone to suffer abuse than kids in intact families, and to have a higher chance to lead a life in poverty.


Positive side of divorce:  Sometimes divorce is boon for couple leading an abusive life.  Studies have shown that when relationship turns to worsen condition, divorce can be the best way to escape from unseen debacle.  They can prevent themselves from ruining their life, clinical depression, mental trauma, physical abuse, suicidal attempt.  It is always better to part away rather than making each others life miserable. Being in an abusive relationship is always a curse for any human being and coming out of curse and beginning a new life is our right and is always welcomed by the society.


Conclusion: Despite of all the consequences, single parenting with firm determination is always blooming a wonderful life to our society.  The only distress is the emotional agony of tiny tots which always remains with them even they start their own family.  For the well being of our own children, atleast we should give a second thought before ending our mutual commitment.

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