Essay on Donald Trump Presidency’s impact on India ?

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Politics and selection of political parties & candidates always have had a major impact on India-US relationships on many fronts. These decisions affect economies of both countries, job prospects, and many such important aspects.

Donald Trump Presidency's impact on India

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Recently fought US elections for the presidency saw a bitter fight between democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and republican candidate Donald Trump .Donald Trump emerged as the 45th president of American in a shocking victory. This article discusses the impact of this mandate of Trump as the American president in India.

Positive effects of Donald Trump’s presidency on India

  • Fight against terrorism: Trump always had a tough stance on Pakistan’s involvement in propagating terrorism. India could benefit in its collective fight against terrorism with the support of newly elected US president and America’s support. This will also strengthen Indo-US defense and strategic relations.
  • Chances of a Strong economy: Better defense relationship will give a chance to India for a positive boost in Indian economy with better strategic decisions and collaborative efforts from the US.
  • Better chances for entrepreneurs and students: Although Donald Trump wants to make stronger immigration rules; he at the same time, always welcomed the idea of giving better chances and more opportunities to Indian entrepreneurs and students in America. This will positively impact both the economies especially Indian economy.
  • Trade relations: Trump, throughout his entire campaign, was critical of China and its policies. India might gain upper hand in its trade relations if Trump imposes heavy tariffs in case of China not agreeing to rewrite trade agreements. His intended policies towards China are likely to benefit India. Trump openly commented on China as a threat and is apparently willingly to start a trade war to prove his viewpoints. Trump will definitely need India, in case he decides to fight China’s trade policies, to project power in South Asia.

Negative impact of Donald Trump’s Presidency on India

  • Donald Trump’s promise of bringing back jobs to the US from India might result in stricter immigration rules for Indians. This will make entry to the US for work much more difficult.
  • Trump’s political novices might result in companies like Microsoft, Gm and ford go back to the US due to Trump’s promise of reducing corporate tax substantially and companies would want to benefit from this.
  • Trump’s opinion on H1B visa program as unfair might negatively affect Indian IT companies and their stocks including the major ones such as Infosys and TCS. This will impact Indian IT sector in a big way.
  • Trumps impractical plans of negotiating all foreign trade deals in order to promote America might affect Indian trade treaties as well.

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Having said this, Donald Trump definitely deserves a fair and nonjudgmental chance as the American president. He surely doesn’t have the political experience but he is a pretty successful businessman. His sharp business acumen has won him incredible wealth and it would be unfair to judge him based just on his bitterly fought campaign strategies. It will be interesting to see the developments in Indian-US relationships in the coming future under Donald Trump’s presidency.



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