Essay on Dr. B.R Ambedkar – Life, Contribution, Importance in society

Free 750 words essay on Dr. B.R Ambedkar – Life, Contribution, Importance in society for school and college students.


The journey of India from slavery to completely free and especially Democratic Country has involvement of many social activist and social reformers, one among the most famous names, Father of Indian Constitution and freedom fighter who fought for Indian Independence was Dr.BhimraoRamji Ambedkar also known as Baba Saheb. He was born on 14 April 1891 in the town and military cantonment of Mhow (now in Madhya Pradesh). He was a 14th and last child of his parents. Dr. B.R Ambedkar, He also became the first law minister of India after Independence. Known for his dream of “Rama Rajya” the man of great ideology and perception took his last breath in 1956.

Free essay on Dr. B.R Ambedkar

He faced many difficulties and struggled a lot with getting his education completed and to become a lawyer and a man of wisdom and knowledge. After completing his graduation from Bombay, he started to serve the state of Baroda under the King of Baroda, Shri Siyaji Rao Gaekwad, There He did his job with a great sincerity and integrity. Later on, he went to U.S.A. for higher studies. He was also supported financially by the king of Baroda and also he was appreciated for his talent both in India and other foreign countries. He also presented a thesis on Ancient Indian Commerce and awarded with Ph.D. from Columbia University after that he studied law and completed a degree in it from London and started teaching law in India after returning from London. Doctor B. R. Ambedkar also supported for the low caste people and gave them a special place and took the first big steps in people equality and strived for the casteless society wherein all people enjoy equal opportunities of education, livelihood, and social justice.


He has a great contribution in rising of India as a Democratic Country he also has played major role in making people bond together by revolting for Poor’s and low caste society and not only in theory he practically did it by starting many social movements like Dalit Buddhist Movement and campaigned for social discrimination against Untouchables and uplifting this major issue of inequality of Dalit’s also he provided special safeguards to minorities and other backward classes. And he was also known as pioneer of liberation movement of nearly sixty million untouchables who were suffering badly at that time in India, the man of action and Patriot played major role in making the Indian voting system more efficient and unbiased, which suggests one man equals to one vote that places all men equal before law and every citizen of country possess equal rights and hence abolishment of untouchables also the Constitution gives some special emergency powers to President of India. He was a leader whose thoughts are continuing to be unquestionable and relevant even today and His ideas on equality, brotherhood, democracy, independence, international economics and politics are valid even since long times and are completely neutral and unbiased. The visionary who didn’t care about the thousands year old caste system but the people and he changed what he was concerned about shows the capability he had.

Known as the leader ahead of his time, he also was Voice of reason against Mysticism preached by Gandhi and understood the importance of cities where true freedom could be achieved.  Truly understood the reformative power of English language and implemented it in many ways possible in the country. The Reservation system has back fired to a large extent. But the oppression we as a society have done would require a solution from another world to succeed would take many more years.

Importance in society

He also advocated industrialization and urbanization for India’s development and had visions that would change the entire map of the country both economically and socially that are the qualities a true leader must have, He also argued that collective farming was to be practiced by landless labors so as to maintain their place in the society.

As head of Drafting Committee for The Constitution of India, he fulfilled beautifully his responsibility by making a constitution both hard and flexible that support equality and real freedom to every citizen of the country. The Constitution of India, framed by him, has served the largest democracy of the world to this day and will be as flawless as it is now in upcoming years of time. Later on, He was offered the post of Cabinet Minister of India by the Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru itself but, he refused and Dr.Bheem Rao Ambedkar chose to serve India as a normal and general citizen.

He will forever remain in our hearts as a great man, a revolutionary who served his nation with extreme dedication and love.

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