Essay on positive and negative effect of technology on communication

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It is true that mankind has grown more in the last one hundred years than in the entire history of human civilization. Today, modern transport system is designed to take us to any corner of the world in a matter of hours, and it takes only a few minutes from news to reach the farthest reaches of the globe. We can speak to our friends living in Johannesburg while we sip morning coffee in Sydney at the touch Indeed, it can be safely assumed that communication today is bigger than it has even been before.

Yet, skeptics ask: with all the attempts at bridging communication gap, how much are we really connected today? In this article, let us see how technology affects communication, in the good and the bad ways.

Essay on effect of technology on communication

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Positive effects of technology on communication

Let us begin with the nice things.


Think back to the times when we had to write long letters to our loved ones to know how they are doing and how the little girls at home are growing up. And we would have to wait at the mercy of the postal service to deliver our letters to the recipient, and the replies back to us, that is, if they did not get lost in transit. Technology has changed all that. Today, if you want to talk to your uncle in Ghana, you can call him from your beach house in Malibu, and, if you want some face to face time, Skype or Facetime. It will take about as much time you need to dial the number and for him to decide if he would receive the call. Phone, email, texts- you name it, and technology has brought it all at your fingertips.


With the strides technology has taken, and continues to take, the word of finance and business has undergone massive changes. Forget about door-to-door marketing and standing at fairs and street intersections handing out flyers. Today, marketing has become a great entity encompassing many levels- from television to social media advertising. Print ads had come into existence a long time back, followed by television advertisements. Today, placing ads in social media websites has a huge impact on the customer. But that is not all; email marketing has proven to be a highly effective way of contacting potential customers.


With email, Skype, and social media, it is easier than ever to connect with people. It does not take you long to connect with like-minded people who will be able to give you the exact answer to your problems. You want to speak directly to your colleagues overseas, and what better way of doing that than to use video-conferencing? With websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, employers and employees alike can reach out to each other and make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right professional partner.

Negative effects of technology on communication

But, all said and done, not all is great. In fact, according to researches, technology might have impacted communication in a pretty negative light.


This is, come to think of it, actually a given in hindsight. People can now speak to each other in at any point during the day and night. Social media has effectively rendered people’s lives an open canvas. Face to face communication has, as a result, become quite a thing of the past. Virtual communication provides you with the opportunity to take control of the conversation; you can leave any time you want, something that is not possible in real life. Thriving virtual lives have, as a result, managed to overshadow many personal relationships, and instances of catfishing and online bullying are becoming commoner by the day.


The rise of the social media and dating apps has created a culture of often reckless mixing. Sadly, this is more prevalent among young teenagers just being introduced into the broader world that social media promises. Communicating with anyone and everyone poses enough dangers on its own, and even more so when you cannot see the real person communicating with you. It is not uncommon to hear of teenagers falling prey to pedophiles and men and women being swindled and/or sexually abused by predators who take advantage of the vulnerability and anonymity that the internet provides.

Virtual communication has its own set of good and bad. When the social media fad passes away, something else will take its place, something that will create an even more personal and more enthralling experience for the user.  But one thing is for sure: the impact of technology on communication has been, and continues to be, phenomenal. How it affects our lives depends entirely on how we use it.

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