Essay on positive and negative effects of CCTV

Free 730 words essay on positive and negative effects of CCTV for school and college students.

As technology is continually developing, our life has become easier than before. But, the internet is a dual edged sword. The development of technology can cause constructive and destructive effects on everyone in this world. Technology brings innovations that offer more benefits to us. Nevertheless, it can cause trouble and make some bad impacts too. A security camera is one of the most widely used gadgets of modern technology for the past few years. Being a strong security Machine, it is widely used in both home and offices. It is not surprising that this wonderful innovation too has a few drawbacks just like other inventions. If you are still on the fence when you consider installing the security camera in offices or homes, then keep reading.  Here are some positive and negative effects of CCTV that you should consider while installing it in your workplace.

free essay on effects of CCTV

Nowadays setting up security camera and its equipment is as easy as setting up a phone connection. It is easy to use security camera in homes as they come in all sizes and shapes which enable it to be placed anywhere as long as the equipment and power sources are nearby. Some cameras can be tiny which are good enough to hide in pictures, plants, trees, photo frames, clothes etc. It is recommended to use the real camera rather than working with dummy cameras which can be easily bypassed by the criminals.

Some of the positive impacts of security cameras are listed below:-


  • Security cameras are very helpful for you as they come with the ability to monitor all the activities of people visiting your workplace and home. There is no doubt that the security cameras are an amazing way to detect suspicious activities, and keep your loved ones safe.


  • This wonderful invention is well equipped with high capability videos, as well as high-quality audio cameras. When you need to record audio along with visuals, security cameras comes in handy. It comes with the blend of clear image and flawless sound makes them more useful while recording a series of actions.


  • When you have a curiosity to know what is happening outside your home or in the workplace, CCTV cameras comes in handy. No need to ask your neighbors or boss, simply look up in your security records. There you can visualize everything as per the date and time of the event.


  • Whether it is a crime or minor accident, security cameras always keep an eye on it and therefore make it very easy to investigate everything that happens around you.


  • Security cameras can maintain records from where you can get the footage. Whether it is a situation involving misunderstanding with family, friends, boss or among the customers, you can stay in peace with the help of security cameras. Footage from security cameras will definitely help you to find a solution in case of any dispute with professional and personal scenarios.


  • Modern cameras are equipped with much advanced technology like automatic tracking, infrared night vision, audio channel and zooming capacity which makes them more powerful.


  • Control rooms are well equipped with internet and telecommunication technology that have a direct link to police and protection control which ensures security. Interestingly, many cameras are equipped with powerful parabolic microphones which are very accurate in detecting all the conversation that takes place in a home, street, shop, beach, park and much more.


Some of the negative impacts of CCTV are listed below:-


  • The main downside of security camera is that they are a bit expensive. The real cameras cost thousands of dollars based on the available features in it. If you have a good knowledge on wiring and setup equipment, it is a good idea to set up cameras on your own. Otherwise, it ends up with damaging cameras.


  • Security cameras enable a user to view the recorded video but it is impossible to stop a crime when it happens. Unfortunately, a user cannot call the police or neighbours as there is an absence of alarm system.


While using a security camera, privacy is at issue. There is no good law to protect us from the security and privacy issue. Unfortunately, it does not have the licensing system and no government staff offers oversight. Privacy is the major issue with security cameras. The camera can be easily misused by thieves and they can make use of important conversation that occurs during meetings.

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