Essay on positive and negative effects of refugee camp

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For refugees and people in refugee like situation, the refugee camp is a temporary living arrangement. The camps are home to those who have fled their home countries and also to those who are internally displaced. The refugees are often the ones who have escaped war and also the ones who are economic and environmental migrant. These camps are generally built impromptu for meeting the basic needs of refugees but only for a short period of time. The government of host countries prohibits making these arrangements permanent for if the return of the refugees is prevented by any reason, often a humanitarian crisis may result or continue. The refugee camps have their own pros and cons.

Free Essay on positive and negative effects of refugee camp

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Pros of Refugee Camps


  • Escape from war: These refugee camps help people to escape the war and its disasters. Although it can’t shield anyone from its horror, but it ensures that the ones who have been lucky to escape their country on war stays alive. It protects them from the constant fear that they have been living in through their stay during war in their country.


  • Freedom: Refugee camps give people freedom from their utterly distressing condition. There are many countries whose nationals are ill treated due to the poor economic condition. There are times when they are thrown into the abyss of bonded labours. These refugee camps provide freedom to those who are affected by economic conditions in their country.


  • Refugee from Environmental Conditions: If a country is suffering from environmental issues like drought, flood, hunger or epidemic, refugee camps also offer them shelter, helping them to escape such drastic environmental conditions.


  • Cheap labour: Refugee camp provides labour to both the sides. The refugees get to earn through the labour work they get and the host gets cheap labour themselves. This benefits both the sides, although not equally but better than nothing.


  • Young Population: The host country gets the boost of young population who are more of working age. This provides less strain on the economy of the country regarding providing for the retirement.


Cons of Refugee Camps


  • Poor Living Condition: These camps provide very poor and shabby living conditions that are unhealthy too. The refugees suffer from many diseases and the medical attention they receive is also very poor. The food and water is scarce and that too not of very good quality.


  • Strain on Social Security: The refugees are needy and they need employment. This puts strain on the country for generating more employment. This reduces the real per capita income of the economy. Also, in the form of refugees some terrorists can get into the boundaries of the country causing more loss to it in the form of infrastructure loss and casualties.


  • Strain on Infrastructure: Most of the times, the refugees tend to settle in the host country itself. There they seek residence and employment both. This puts more people inside the cities that are already overflowing with population. This in turn reduces the space in public transportation and less availability of housing.


  • Socioeconomic Strain: All the things together reduce the rate of development of the country both socially and economically. The unemployment and illiteracy rates improves, there are more percentage of the population that are below poverty line and the real per capita income of the country decreases as well, so does the reserves and the surplus. Mostly it also becomes the cause of the inflation since there are more heads to be fed and the supply remains unchanged. Also they provide unskilled labour that hardly adds the value to the economy and don’t pay taxes.



Refugees move to many parts of the world from many countries, seeking shelter from war and bad economic and environmental conditions. Everyone is worried about them but nobody is looking for a solution apart from the non-paid volunteers and organisations. Countries build refugee camps for resettling these people as the first step but along with their pros and cons, they aren’t much good. Government often relaxes, knowing that these refugees can live in these refugee camps for months without their interference, hence they comfortably ignore them for a long time. This worsens their condition of living. Now, when the government tries to settle them, it takes a lot more effort, time and money to resettle them properly. They need to be looked after more elaborately. It needs more planning so that the refugees get a better life without putting much strain on the host country. Refugee camp is just the first step and not the conclusion.


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