Essay on positive and negative impacts of technology on the environment

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Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge practically.  All the machines and tools we use today are technological advancements of our society. The television which never fails to entertain us, the mobiles we have our eyes glued to, the super fast trains that have made transportation a cake walk are all due to our progress in this field of “technology”. However, all the aforementioned wonders and more are luxuries at the cost of environment degradation. It isn’t all sunshine when viewed from an ecologist’s point of view.

free essay on impacts of technology on the environment

Positive Impacts of technology on the environment

Technology may be blamed for a number of mishaps in our ecological balance; however it has its own positive points.

Due to technology the paper consumption on a whole has reduced. All records and data are now stored in computers eliminating the use of paper. This in turn leads to cutting of a less number of trees. Deforestation has been curbed due to a certain extent, allowing rich soil deposits to be held in place. A lot of problems such as floods, soil erosion, etc are directly linked with deforestation.

We are now able to produce perfectly healthy plant progenies, thanks to genetic modification. Genetic modification is a technology through which one may alter the genes of a plant without introducing any external material into its chromosomes. This in turn is helping the evolution of plants. Genetic modification makes plants resistant to the harsh weather, pests, etc and hence lowers the use of insecticides and pesticides. On lowering the use of chemicals, humans benefit as leaching does not take place. Water bodies become cleaner and aquatic life flourishes – a major plus point.

Green Technology has come up with methods of low power consumption. This includes natural gas, bio fuels, etc and machines with a higher efficiency percentage.

The technology that allows us to harness solar energy, wind energy and water energy are marvelous. Not only do they reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources of energy, they also help reduce pollution in the environment. A number of researchers are working solely on improving the planet’s environment.

Negative Impacts of technology on the environment

Pollution is one of the biggest and most impactful negative effects of technology advancement. Travelling has now become pleasure, and this pleasure is at the cost of environment health. Carbon emissions and green house effect has combined to give rise to global warming, which has resulted in the melting of ice caps. The rising sea level is a threat in itself.

Power consumption is at its peak right now. All sorts of technology need electric power or fossil fuels to keep it running. This leads to a shortage of non-renewable energy resources. Be it your school or home, power consumption on a 24 hour basis amounts to a lot more than what was seen decades ago.

All the smart phones and computers we use are potentially hazardous to our ecosystem. They, when out of use, are non-disposable wastes. They cause a lot of harm to the environment by discharging lead, mercury and other heavy metals in a synthesized form. All sorts of technological up gradations are cause of toxic waste production. A few examples would be desktops to laptops, landlines to phones, bulbs to LEDs, etc. Even our beloved Wi-Fi signals are exposing us to a lot of mute radiations that are carcinogenic in the long run.

Did we talk about deforestation? Yes, a lot of it is curbed due to reduced use of paper, but a new sphere where deforestation occurs is transportation. To lay tracks for trains, etc, forests are cleared. This causes severe loss of habitat to numerous species.

Due to aforementioned reasons, climatic changes are notable all over the world. The summers are becoming hotter whereas winters are freezing! Super extreme rains and snowfall are a common phenomenon now. If we are not to be blamed for this, then who is?

Another major setback is the high gadget reliance humans have grown to show. The now inactive lifestyle our race shows is a pathetic yet accurate example of it. We must fear an age when robots will rule the world!

Weighing out the negatives and positives, I’d echo Don DeLillo’s words,

“This is the whole point of technology.  It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand.  It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature.”

As threatening as technology sounds, it is indispensible. The only thing one must keep in mind is to stick to controlled use of this wonderful scientific application – “technology”.

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