Essay on eGovernment – Importance and Impacts

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The Easy and Effective Governance that brings Empowerment

This is a technology oriented world, where every activity is dependent on the internet, and this is applicable even to the government services. Therefore, the eGovernment is defined as the use of information technology in the operations of the government machinery. The eGovernment encompasses all the operations done by the government, provide services to its citizens, and engage them well. The eGovernment is the broader meaning for services, which encompasses features that describes the functions of the government completely like

Free Essay on eGovernment

  1. E-services: This is the delivery of information from the government on various programs and services via the electronic medium like the Internet.
  2. E-democracy: It is the medium through which the citizens can take part in the decision making process via the electronic communication medium
  3. Ecommerce: It makes the life of people easy by making the exchange of goods or services for money electronically. Hence, it includes paying the taxes, utility bills, renewing registrations, and paying for recreation programs.
  4. E-management: Improves the management of government by using the information technology effectively. Consequently, it is used by several departments of government to maintain records electronically, improving the flow of communication, integration of information and rearranging business processes effectively.

The eGovernment makes the service of the government easier to access by the common citizens that will reflect the efficiency and transparency of the system. This is the more convenient to people as well as the business people. This enhances the effective operations of three groups to ensure the development of the country namely

  • The Government to other Government services
  • The Government to the common citizens
  • The Government to the Business people

The Importance of eGovernment

So, why is the eGovernment important? It is highly relevant because it has the capability to bring the government administration closer to its citizens along with different businesses by effectively using the internet. The benefits that common people and business administration can enjoy by using the eGovernment are

  • It improves the public services by making them more responsive and accessible to every common man. This enhances the speed of these services that will help the common citizens immensely.
  • It encourages more transparency in the governance that will make the government more interactive with its citizens. So, it enables the participation of the common man in the democratic process more efficient.
  • It reduces the administrative burden that generally puts hackles in the economic growth of a country. Therefore, it assists the businesses effectively so they can contribute to the development in a positive manner.
  • When the communication between the government machinery takes place via electronic media that becomes faster and effective. This encourages the administration to adopt innovative ways of working that will improve the access.
  • The eGovernment facilitates better decisions by providing accurate information by the government. It also brings the processing time down as the procedures comes down considerably.
  • The biggest bonus by implement eGovernment is the efficient and accurate allocation of resources that will avoid wastage by implementing these effectively.

The Impacts of eGovernment

The eGovernment has transformative impact on the development of the country that will make the country flourish. The eGovernment implements the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for successful impact in the country’s main domains namely

  • The Capabilities of the public services is enhanced that will satisfy the citizens immeasurably as the government becomes efficient by reducing the bureaucratic red tape. The internal process is boosted with speed due to less paperwork and when coupled with accurate information will enhance decision making skills.
  • The interactions between the citizens and the government becomes more prevalent as the talking between the citizens along with listening to them become more better that increase the input needed for taking the right decisions. This gives a good feedback about the public services to the government leading to its improvement like the quality, cost and the convenience of using it. It also improves the interaction between government and different businesses that improves the quality of the services. Consequently, it assists in building communities and partnership that will meet a country’s social as well as economic capacities.
  • Value distribution is done effectively using various tools that will enrich the life of the citizens. This will enhance the delivery of services with high priority to the common man by improving the efficiency of public servants.

The eGovernment makes the citizens more empowered that will ensure that the government is more responsive that will make changes to suit the needs of the citizens. The politician will know more about their constituency’s needs and make the specific policy outcomes possible. Therefore, it brings the transparency in the workings of the government that will be the root cause for the social reform.

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