Essay on electric cars advantage and disadvantage

Free 590 words essay on electric cars advantage and disadvantage   for school and college students.

The popularity of Electric Cars has enormously increased globally. There is a marked shift in the public’s attitude towards the electric cars in the recent past. Many automobile industries are working upon batteries, charging stations and other maintenance parts to make electric cars the first choice for everyone. Recently Renault has made a device which allows the vehicles to charge while driving. This dynamic charging of electric vehicles will be another boon in the electric cars industry.

Free Essay on electric cars advantage and disadvantage


Electric car uses electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device to run the electric motors which in turn propels the automobile.  Electric cars are around 3 times as efficient as cars with an internal combustion engine. The first practical electric cars were produced in the 1880s and since then they have been gaining popularity in the automobile industry.


In the recent past the electric vehicles have gained importance due to advances in batteries and Energy Management, increasing oil prices and the need to reduce gas emissions for saving the planet. Several National and local governments have established tax credits subsidies and other incentives to promote the introduction and adoption of electric vehicles. For example, the plug-in cars grant guaranteed by the UK government has been extended until the end of March 2018. In UK the future is bright also because a number of plug-in cars are to be launched within the next year or so.


Benefits of electric cars:

  • It does not need gas or fuel.
  • It does not need oil to lubricate the engine does changing oil periodically has become a thing of the past even the brakes do not wear as quickly as in normal cars.
  • In the competitive market today the electric vehicles are inexpensive to buy and are proving out less costly to own as well.
  • The electric cars are virtually silent. There is very less sound effect inside or outside the car with electric cars.
  • Charging at home saves time of standing in queue for gas stations or for fueling one’s car with petrol.  It is easy to put the car on charge at night and drive off in the morning.
  • Since there is no tailpipe, the gas emission is Nil. Thus, it prevents the planet.
  • Some countries offer tax credits to the original owners of an electric vehicle. This gives an additional benefit to the electric car owners.


Disadvantages of electric cars:


  • One always has a fear that the charge of the electric battery might go low when the charging stations aren’t nearby or the charge may not be sufficient when you need the car urgently.
  • Traveling for long distances always involves risk because of less frequently available charging stations.
  • One needs to install a charging station at home as the public charging stations are practically less in most countries.
  • The time needed to recharge the electric car is much longer than refueling a normal car at a petrol station or a gas station.
  • In some developing countries the capital required to buy an electric car is much more than a normal car.
  • The battery life in the electric cars is still being worked upon. However, they are expected to be around a decade and the replacement battery packs can be costly.
  • The fuel costs are eliminated but the electricity charge is required. Power consumption may prove expensive in some developing countries. Also, charging during peak hours can become costly.
  • There are great varieties of normal cars available in market but the electric vehicles have very few choices. So for people who are passionate about cars electric cars are a big no-no.

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