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The Queen of England, Elizabeth II recently became the longest serving monarch in the history of modern civilization. Presently at 91, she is the queen of United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In addition to that, she is the Head of Commonwealth and twelve other nations that became independent after her accession. Her Majesty currently resides in the opulent Buckingham Palace in England and is the longest serving and living British monarch as well. Married to Phillip Mountbatten who is her third cousin and whom she knew from childhood, she succeeded King George VI in the year 1953. Her coronation ceremony was held at the Westminster Abbey and was televised for the first time. She adopted herself the surname “Windson-Mountbatter”. Winston Churchill was the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Free Essay on Elizabeth II - The Queen of England

At the time of 1960s and 1970s, there was a series of decolonization effect in the African continent. Although the British empire had weakened subsequent to the World War II and the ascent of pax-Americanism, Queen Elizabeth’s popularity and importance at Britain never faded. She had even joined the women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service and trained as a truck driver and mechanic in 1945, despite knowing the risks of the Second World War.

Queen Elizabeth is said to be world’s most travelled heads of state, visiting 116 countries. She technically doesn’t require a passport to travel, a testimony of her might and power. Besides, the Queen of England doesn’t even require a driver’s license. Since the year 1992, she has voluntarily paid income taxes, although she is not obligated to do so. With a caravan of security personnel and guards, it is almost impossible to reach the Queen. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth has survived an assassination attempt against her when a 17-year old man Marcus Sarjeant fired gunshots against her at the Buckingham Palace in 1981 when the Queen led a horse procession. Interestingly, a British man named Michael Fagen once barged into her room in what is called the worst royal security breaches of history.

It was in 1991 after the coalition victory of the Gulf War that she became the first British Monarch to address a joint meeting of United States Congress. The Queen has faced several controversies in her lifetime, some of the most prominent ones being the separation of both her sons Prince Andrew and Prince Charles with their wives. Prince Charles’ wife Princess Diana was the most famous royal member ever born, as her fame transcended borders. She separated from her husband and after a chaotic scurry of events about the rumors of her affair, she met with an accident and died. The Royal family including the Queen had to face immense public criticism. Elizabeth II had to appear on broadcast to deliver a public speech on her funeral to rest the public hostility.

Queen Elizabeth rarely appears from personal interviews and being a constitutional monarch, she never expresses her political opinion. However, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom takes the office after a formal permission from the Queen. Elizabeth II is the 40th ruler of England since William the Conqueror who was crowned in 1066. An interesting fact is that she owns all the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters of UK. There have been 12 US Presidents since she first began her reign. She is known for her love for dogs and Scottish country dancing. The Queen has travelled to the Vatican thrice, and most recently to meet Pope Francis. Since the year 1952, she has received 404,500 honors and awards. Indeed, one of the oldest surviving head of state, Queen Elizabeth II commands respect, love, and loyalty of all her sovereign subjects.

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