Essay on College Dropouts – Success Stories of College Dropouts

Free 571 words Essay on College Dropouts – Success Stories of College Dropouts

The conscience of an individual develops as per the environment and self-evolution. Every single person at least thinks once what his or her purpose of life is. The basic fault in our ideology is that we think passing out from a great college with an eminent brand name is remarkable and somehow miss the basic principle of knowledge foundation. The contemporary era pushes every aspiring candidate towards a rat race where eventually almost all end up in the rat wheel doing a routine job. In this way, infinite number of dreams die. Essay on College Dropouts - Success Stories of College Dropouts

Circumstances of dropping college

The current scenario depicts that the non-college people struggle hard to meet the ends and pay the bills. The daily responsibilities of professional and personal life pile up, which slowly crush the individual. Due to incomplete education, many problems arise and the person starts to regret in due time.

Due to the unwanted situation, a student might have to leave his education in the middle and forced to bring the balance back in life. The personal responsibilities pull the aspirant back to the working sphere. Sometimes, personal problems interfere with the course of the academic curriculum. The sickness of the sole earner of the family can make a student abandon college. Financial crisis is also a major reason. The contemporary families struggle hard to pay the rent and bills causing the children to leave college forcibly.

Dropouts creating history

Very few cases are found where the dropouts have a clear vision of what they want to do. This is the phase of realization where the dropout finds what he or she does is unique or better than the crowd. ‘No risk, no gain’. The dropping out phenomenon is involved with huge risk. Many times, success stories have proved that in order to be successful or give a notable contribution to the society, you do not need an iconic degree from top class institutions.

  • Opening gates

Bill Gates dropped from the auspicious Harvard University because he foresaw that his prowess of programming computers will revolutionize the world. This richest man created history by finding Microsoft and the major part of the computer world uses his creation.

  • The media lady

Oprah Winfrey is a famous name in the media. The scene would have been different if she did not leave her school and took the job offered by a local television due to her passion towards media. It sure was a gamble.

  • The Dell theory

Michael Dell was studying at the University of Texas as a pre-med candidate but his dreams roam around computers. In his dorm room, he dedicated his entire energy to form Dell, where he upgraded old computers and sold them for a marginal profit. He dropped college at the age of 19 and dedicated his full attention to form one of the biggest names in the computer industry.

  • Looking for Jobs

Steve Jobs is another dazzling example. He left Reed College and roamed throughout India. When he returned he started to work in his garage with Steve Wozniak. After a year the first Apple product came in and the rest is history.

Life is full of uncertainty and surprises. Dropping out of college only works when you know what you want to do. Pursuing what you dream to be will bring absolute passion and eventually one will end up being notable in the society.

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