Essay on Pollution – Impact of Pollution on our life and environment

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Pollution is a harmful mix of chemicals that enter our environment and disturb the natural ongoing processes. There are various types of pollution like water pollution, land pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.

Essay on Pollution

Waste coming from Industries is one of the main reasons of Pollution. A Mixture of solid and liquid wastes coming out of large-scale industries, increase pollution level in the environment and make it difficult for the living organisms to breathe.

In universe, Earth is the only planet where all of the basic necessities of a living organism are met. Earth is a planet, full of life but Pollution is really making it difficult to live-on.

It is the human who is responsible for this serious problem and it becomes their prime responsibility to look after it and take steps to prevent it.

Deforestation is one of the most probable reasons for pollution. It calls for more problems like Environment Pollution, global warming, and much more.

Humans do a lot of things on this planet and it’s high time they should start thinking if they really want to live here, for the years to come.

Its not too late. We can still save our planet Earth, environment, and many other lives living here.

Environmental pollution is increasing at a faster rate and needs governmental help. Every individual need to understand the harmful effects of pollution.

What can we do?

There is no exact solution to this problem. Factory owners can transfer their factories to the least populated zone. This is, however, not an exact solution because it would be a big loss to the factory owner and the people who are already employed.

Let us look at some of the other possible solutions:

  • We cannot change the location of an already existing factory but the government can keep a check and make sure that new factories are installed at remote locations only.
  • Put a ban or control pollution coming from the vehicles moving on-road
  • Cutting of forests should be stopped
  • Most of the factories discard their waste in the rivers which is causing harm to many lives living under river. This should be stopped with immediate effects.

What humans are doing to overcome this problem?

  1. A recent conference by United Nations was organized to focus on the relationship between human and weather changes, in a lieu to awaken modern man and technology.
  2. Not only this, World Health Organization is no lagging behind and it set up an international network in order to check the air pollution level globally, so as to take preventive and corrective measures.

Wrapping up

All of us are aware of the abnormal weather changes and per recent reports collected by the scientists if the same behavior continues; the day is not far away when people will have to live in an environment similar to that of Hiroshima, 1945.

Good news is that most people are aware of this and have started taking measures to avoid such a critical situation.

Our hard work and attention would help to people to balance the ecological system and live in a better environment.

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