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There is a popular saying that “Great leaders are born, not made.” It indeed holds the truth that leadership qualities are innate. Many qualities have been identified which are imperative to become a great leader. A leader with a clear vision has a vivid picture where to head and have a firm grip on achieving the goals. A good leader must be dedicated towards his/her work and must have the ability to direct the team towards the goal.    A good leader is an inspiration in the team within the organization. A leader is an exemplary character. A leader must be trustworthy to lead the others. Here go the following qualities of a good leader:

Qualities Of A Good Leader

Integrity And Dedication

A person with integrity is same both inside and outside. Such a person can be trusted by the others in the team. The signs of integrity are honest dealings, controlled emotions, predictable reactions, harsh outbursts and absence of tantrums. A leader who has integrity is liked by the team members

A good leader must be completely dedicated towards the work. He or she must spend any amount energy and time to achieve the task in hand. Only a leader can set an example and show to the team members that there exists no 9-5job, only opportunities are there to achieve something.

Magnanimity And Humility

Magnanimity is giving credit. A magnanimous leader makes sure that the credit for success is evenly spread across the company. A good leader always takes the responsibility of failures. This draws the team members closer to the leader. Spreading fame and taking the blame is a characteristic of a good leadership.

A leader who is humble is not at all self-effacing.  A humble leader elevates everyone in the team. A leader who is humble does not boast and are not proud of his/her role.

Openness And Creativity

A good leader welcomes the new ideas and accepts new ways of doing things. Openness eventually builds trust and mutual respect between the team members and the leader. Openness supplies the team with new ideas which can further the vision.

Creativity is the capacity to think somewhat differently. A leader must possess the creative skill which enables the leader to see those things that are not seen by others and eventually lead the team members in a new direction.

Fairness And Assertiveness

Fairness means a leader must treat all team members equally and must be just. A leader should check all facts and hear everything before giving the judgment. A good leader must not jump to the conclusion without any proper evidence. When the team members feel that they are treated fairly then they reward their leader.

A leader should be assertive for getting the desired result. With assertiveness comes responsibility which makes the leader clearly understand what the followers expect.

Another thing that is vital and all leaders must possess is a great sense of humor. It is of great importance for relieving the boredom and tension. Great leaders know how to makes use of the humor for giving energy to the followers.

So if you want to become a leader and want to lead a team then must have all the above-mentioned qualities.

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