Essay on Famous Inventors and their Inventions

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Nikola Tesla: The inventor of Tesla Coil and alternate current machinery, Nikola Tesla is said to be the greatest geek who ever lived. He was a Serbian-American engineer and physicist. Some of his inventions have changed the world. His antagonism with Thomas Alva Edison over their versions of electricity production snowballed into a feud between General Electric and Westinghouse. Nikola Tesla invented how light can be harnessed and distributed. In fact, he is said to have invented the radio even before Macroni. He also invented the electric motor with rotating magnetic fields. His scientific demonstrations laid the foundation of Robotics. Tesla’s invention of laser waves transformed the way surgical operations are done and current digital media is operated.  

Free Essay on Famous Inventors and their Inventions


Alan Turing: An iconic computer scientist, he is the man who broke the Nazi Germany’s Enigma code.  The Turing machine he created became the foundation of computation and computability. It was that device which could solve all mathematical problems. His idea of multiple Turing machines was where each corresponded to a different set of algorithms whose actual interpretation would be a mechanical process. The final outcome of his ideas was a computer. The presumably unbreakable enigma code used by Nazis in naval communications was cracked by Alan Turing and messages decrypted. His machine initiated the creation of hardware and implementation of arithmetic functions through machines. He was also a cryptanalyst, philosopher, and theoretical biologist. Turing designed the first computer chess program. He has also created L U Decomposition of a System of Linear Equations that is used in the Wolfram language and Banburismus that helped break the German Kriegsmarine messages enciphered on Enigma machines.

Alexander Graham Bell: He is the man behind the invention of telephones that metamorphosed communications altogether. He is the inventor of telephones and is said to have fought several patent battles for the same. Bell also invented a photophone that could allow transmission of sounds and conversations on a beam of light. This became the precursor of fiber-optic communications in future. He developed the earliest version of the metal detector. Based on the principles of hydrofoils and hydroplanes explained by American pioneer William E. Meachem, Bell created a practical hydrofoil watercraft. He was an ardent supporter of aerospace engineering research. Bell was closely connected with the Eugenics movement of the United States.

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Archimedes: The man who joyfully screamed “Eureka, Eureka, I have found it”, Archimedes and his inventions still baffle the scientific community. The Archimedes principle says that the buoyant force on a submerged object is equal to the weight of the fluid that is displaced by the object. His inventions were the fundamentals based on which several complex systems were created. He created a screw mechanism inside a hollow casing that is called the Archimedes’ screw, to help poor farmers irrigate their crops. This mechanism is even used in the modern machinery of drainage and irrigation. The Claw of Archimedes was a crane like structure that had an enormous hook. He was the creator of the first Odometer and block and tackle pulley system.

Thomas Alva Edison: One of the greatest inventors who ever lived, Edison is the man who accumulated 1093 patents in his lifetime. He was the archetypal inventor has created some incredible machines such as the Electrographic Vote Recorder, Automatic Telegraph, Electric Pen, Phonograph, Carbon Telephone, Electric Lamp, Electric Lighting System, Electric Generator, Loud Speaking Telephone or Motograph, Fuel Cell Technology, Universal Stock Printer, Ore Separator, Kinetographic Camera, Alkaline Battery, etc.

Tim Berners –Lee: This British scientist is the man behind the invention of World Wide Web or Internet as we know it. At the time when he was a contractor at CERN, he created hypertext which is a language for sharing text electronically, further developing HTTP, HTML, and URL. As he connected these with Transmission Control Protocol and Domain Name System, the Internet was created. He then founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at MIT, Boston. Lee’s invention has been revolutionary in the world couldn’t be imagined without it.

Alexander Fleming: Diseases are inevitable but preventable and curable. Alexander Fleming’s invention was beginning of a new era in medical science and an epitome of discovery in the human civilization. He created antibiotics, a wonder drug that is capable of killing or inhibiting foreign microbial species in the body. He at the time of World War I, discovered the adverse effects of antiseptics. Penicillin antibiotic was spread throughout the world after the war for common public. His discovery won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine and saves millions of lives even to this date.


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