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An English Poet and Playwright, Johnson Lyly had once said that the rules of fair playoff does not apply when in love or at war. We have heard it almost every day from others, in movies, read in novels and have said it often as well. Love and war are to entirely different and contrasting situation and yet so similar. It means that in love and war, the laws can be suspended; you can forget the boundaries and do whatever is needed.

free essay on All is Fair in Love and War

Love and war brings out both the best and the worst in the people. In war, they do everything they can think of to win it and in love, they do everything to keep them safe and well. Love forgoes all the logic. We do everything we can to win the love of the person we are in love with. We plan; we pretend to be someone we are not and whatnot. Sometimes what we do is illegal as well.


In everyday life, it is a crime to kill a civilian but in war, many civilians are killed and are called causality. We cannot forget the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that on pearl Harbour. This inhumane activity was justified because it was the war.


But is everything fair in love and war, when even the life isn’t fair itself. The impact of nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki can still be seen there, even after decades of the attack, they still suffer with deformed birth, contaminated water and soil unfit for any kind of agriculture. Is it really fair? The death of so many civilians, families ruined, children being orphaned just because they lived in a country which went to war, how is that fair? How can you justify decades of suffering for no fault of theirs?


You can’t make anyone fall in love with you. With fall means and pretence, may be temporarily, but for how long can you make anyone stay in love under pretence. Once they get to know the true you, the will just snap out of the phase, just like that. In today’s date, they harass them, stalk them and torture them until they fall in love. Will you say it is fair? Is that the right means to make someone fall in love with you? Will you want something like this to happen to your daughter? This saying has given birth to many crimes for different people understands it differently.


A wrong will always be a wrong; no amount of justification can make it right. Sometimes we understand it after it’s too late. Regretting can’t make things right. Do everything in your power to make your loved ones happy and to keep them safe. War is still the ugliest of all truths and it will stay that ways always. Saying all’s fair in love and war will never make war look even a tad better. It will always be as heinous as it has always been.

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