Home is where the heart is – Short Essay on Quote

Home is where the heart is – 511 words essay on Home is where the heart is quote

Home is one of the best places on earth. No matter wherever we go, there is something special about our home that attracts us. It is the peaceful atmosphere, the loving family members, the cherished memories and the bond that you share with one another. There is no other beautiful place than your and that is why we want to come back to our homes. Whether the home is small or big, it is lovely to be there and enjoy the precious time with the family members.

home is where the heart is essay on quote

With time, people have moved away from their homes as well as family members. Even though whenever we get time, we just want to rush home so that we can enjoy peace of mind and definitely the comfortable environment.

Why is home so special?

There is no denial to the fact that home is the place where you have created lots of memories and that is why it has a special place in your heart. Your home is not only important for you but a necessity too. Here are some of the reasons as why our home is so special.

Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere – There is no other place in the world where you can enjoy both comfort and peace. That is why home is the best place to relax and the being in the company of your family members is certainly an added advantage. When people wish to get out from their work, the first thing which they do is to visit their homes as it is the only place to rest and feel homely. There can be nothing better than being in your home.

Surrounded by family members – Your house is a home because it has love, affection and the togetherness of the family members. This is something you won’t find anywhere else and this is the reason why you want to be at home no matter how small or big it is. It is always a good feeling to be at your home especially when all the people of the family are waiting for you. It is just a superb feeling which cannot be explained in words.

Positive vibe – Your home is full of positive energy that encourages you to move ahead in life and gives a new hope to accept the challenges. Whenever you feel upset, it is your home that brings a smile and gives you the confidence to move ahead in life no matter what hurdles come your way. Therefore you can say that your home is a warehouse of positive energy that fills your mind and heart with good thoughts.

Love, care, and affection – This is something that only a home can give you. The love of your family members is definitely that keeps you connected with them. No matter how far you are but their care and affection keeps you close to them. The bond never weakens but grows strong day by day.

So enjoy being at home as there is nothing better than your home in this entire world.

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