Essay on Illegal mining and its effects

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Mining is a paramount economic pursuit having prospective of furnishing to the growth of areas bestowed with natural resources.  Minerals extracted in mining process includes diamonds, bauxite, coal, iron, metals, rock salt, lead, phosphate, tin, uranium, and molybdenum.  Mining in broader sense can also encompass extraction of petroleum, and natural gas.  Mining is an intrinsic operation contributing extensively to the economic growth of countries bestowed with mineral resources by facilitating revenue generation, employment creation, and foreign exchange.  The people residing at minerals rich belt are endowed with employment and investment opportunities but on contrary they are bound to live in pollution caused by land degradation and deforestation.  Due to lack of basic facilities and needs people there are poverty stricken.

free essay on Illegal mining and its effects

Illegal mining: The principal specification to define an illegal mining is the unavailability of land rights, mining license, permits of exploration and mineral transportation, or any document that could legalize the operations taking place.  Illegal mining can be run both on above and below the land.  Since, all the natural resources are countries properties, so one need authorized license for mining operations.  Also, mining operations are to be run as per the laws and regulations of the local government.


Areas prone to illegal mining: Illegal mining is mostly carried on in substandard areas or deserted mining locations.  Less fecundity and restricted production are the main characteristics behind illegal mining.


Effects of Illegal mining

Illegal mining may lead to an enormous environmental harm, health, social and economic problems.  Illegal mining operators are prone to harmful and life threatening problems such as landslide and pit collapse. Here are some severe impacts of illegal mining in detail.


Effects of illegal mining on the environment:

The environment circumscribe the synergy of all living beings, climate, weather, and natural resources that impact human endurance and economic activity.


Humans belonging to this environment encounter climatic changes due to their own activities, unfavorable weather conditions and the depletion of the natural resources, thereby affecting all living beings.  The depleting condition of environment if remains unwatched may result into an uninhabited place in near future.  There is no doubt that illegal mining have engendered significant damage to our environment.  Since, most of the minerals we obtain from water bodies like rivers and companies engrossed in illegal mining generally expedient to affecting rivers and the areas encompassing them to allow them easy ingress to the precious minerals.  Illegal miners carry on such activities without concerning the hazardous outcome resulting out of that on flora and fauna.


Illegal mining also leads to deforestation as the miners operate their activities by cutting down trees.  In order to consummate the activities of mining, they don’t even take any measure to safeguard themselves from harmful consequences.  Even knowing the fact that they are not skilled enough to operate and not equipped with advanced technology, they are into this illegal business putting threat to the life of many innocent lives.


Effects of illegal mining on education:

Illegal mining has taken away the fate of many brilliant kids, who could have been contributing in building nation economy if not engrossed with digging gold in deserted place.  Popularity of illegal mining in school going kids increasing with speedy rate as it is the shortcut way to earn money. This is an alarming sign to check control on illegal mining as it may endanger our future lives.

The concept of earning money within a elementary mode, is the driving force for kids of mining communities to choose mining over education.


Effects of Illegal mining on health:

Health is a precious asset for every human being, in abbreviate health is wealth.  The practice of illegal mining circumscribes harmful process that is adversely effecting public health.  The method and techniques involve in illegal mining leads to pollution of rivers, streams and lakes.  Poisonous extracts such as mercury are mostly dumped into the main stream of these water resources, thereby causing drinking water poisonous and unsafe on being utilized.  Underground water are enriched with heavy metals dispensed from mining leads to fatal health issues.  Mercury released during mining activities gets accumulated in the air and water bodies making life of people residing in that area miserable.  Mercury used by illegal miners in their operation has an adverse effect on health as it collapse the central nervous system.


In the end: To curtail this booming industry of illegal mining, the government must take some effective measures such as eradication of poverty prevailing at lower level in mining community by generating new employments.  Also, there should be more awareness regarding the harmful effects resulting out of these activities to ensure safety of our futures.

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