Essay on Positive & Negative Impacts of Internet on Students

Free 750 words essay on positive and  negative impacts of internet on students for school and college students.

Technology can have equally constructive and destructive magnitudes on individuals of diverse walks of life at different times. The necessity is to apprehend the actual effect of IT so that everyone gathers benefits that harvest a strong culture. The Internet should provide benefits to students as they are the future generation of our country and our progress and development lie purely in their hands.

There are positive as well as negative impacts of usage of internet. In this article, we shall mainly focus on students who are still pursuing their academics. As on date, the internet is so famous worldwide. It is handy to almost any folk everywhere. Furthermore, it is available to all the users of any age and condition and also provides a lot of features that make it easier to use on any device such as PC, tablet, desktop, PDA etc.

free essay on Impacts of Internet on Students

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Some of the positive impacts of the internet are listed below:

  • Internet surf engines are the greatest info retrieval systems existing in today’s world. They can get any of info/ data for the users, from homegrown arteries to worldwide played sports, news, health concern solution, e-commerce etc.
  • The internet offers several active means of communication with online sending electronic mails and instantaneous messaging just through one click.
  • The internet allows and makes possible for the schools and university students to exchange knowledge with corporate clusters and organizations related to various subjects. Such interactions help the students have the functional and technical exposures which shall help them in their job life in future as well as benefit the companies with their knowledge.
  • Today, almost all the schools/ colleges have moved to a laptop and projector classrooms, advanced classrooms wherein usage of blackboard and chalk is not much. Students are taught through online videos, subscribed online research portals which, needless to say, have to be accessed via the internet.
  • Teachers have become more advanced. Students get assignments more on their student email ids or online portal. Furthermore, schools and colleges have created online library or portal, wherein they make available scanned copies of books and notes prepared by the teachers for the students.
  • Coming on to the placement part of the students, the internet helps the students access the information and latest news about the corporates and organizations beforehand so that they would be able to answer the questions when shot during the interview sessions. Students can also refer to the job proposals offered worldwide in any field of their choice which helps them in choosing a right job according to their needs and demands.
  • The internet helps the scholars to exchange the concepts and materials amid the students, professors, scientists. Additionally, it also provides resource centers and virtual tools for their research and academic undertakings.
  • Besides, masses of books, periodicals, and other substantial are accessible via the internet due to the digitalization of open domains material from public libraries across the globe. This permits the students to absorb and acquire all novel sorts of stuff.

Though the internet has lots of merits, it does have lots of demerits which are harming and impacting the students’ lives a lot. Few of the disadvantages are listed below:

Negative Impacts of Internet on students :

  • Unsuitable or prohibited materials are obtainable on the internet sites which are spoiling the students which leads to often wastage of their precious time that could be used for productively elsewhere.
  • Students try to access inappropriate sites as they are in a phase wherein they are not allowed to or kept away by the parents and teachers.
  • Students are very much addicted to social media and sites. These sites harm them a lot as they impact their way of living and academic activities.
  • In the era of technology, a student doesn’t much exposure to outdoor games. They are becoming lonelier which raises chances of depression in them. Thus such situations lead them to end their lives. There have been various instances wherein students have searched ways to end their lives/ suicide.
  • Internet activities are leading to very criminal activities. Students who are well versed with hacking and other activities are directing themselves to the wrong path which has led to several lawsuits across the globe.
  • They are online shopaholic which is a rising concern for every parent. Students’ uses parents’ credit or debit cards for online shopping which are sometimes become folly of cyber crimes as the cards/ bank details get intercepted by offenders for forged purposes. Sometimes huge amount gets debited due to such carelessness.
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