Essay on positive and negative impacts of social networking sites

Free 770 words essay on positive and negative impacts of social networking sites for school and college students.


Social networking has gained immense popularity of late. From the ordinary to the renowned, everyone uses the social networking sites. It is more like an addiction today. It has changed the way people interact and stay in touch with each other. It could be good for you and if you can’t handle it, it can be a bully as well.

Free Essay on impacts of social networking sites

Also, it has been a topic of grave discussion as well. People have the divided opinion about it. Some thinks it is an amazing tool while other thinks it casts evil impact on people’s life. The users have been constantly advised to stay beware of the addiction and to stay safe online. Many users have been sleep deprived due to the use of social networking. It is both boon and bane to the society and the users.

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Positive Impact of Social Networking


  • Staying connected: Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and instagram have helped people connect to long lost friends and relatives. It is an easy and convenient way to build up your relationship with our close ones who we have are unable to meet personally due to the lack of time or great distances. They help the users to keep a tab on the happenings in the life of friends and family. It also helps in your need and requirement as it helps you getting into a chain of connections that finally leads to a solution.

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  • No communication barrier: Most of us may not have noticed but as soon as we access the internet, we subconsciously login to our social sites first. It helps us communicate easily, letting us share our thoughts and perceptions with a large audience. Whatever is liked can be shared forward, making it reach to the people who aren’t in your friend list as well. We can make a group of people with similar thoughts and liking and communicate, sharing our ideas and presenting various opportunities to others. We can also show our reaction to a certain status or picture with the features available on the sites.


  • Benefits Business: It also helps the business to grow as it gives you the advantage of connecting to the relevant audience free of cost. At a little expense, you can also advertise your business on the social networking sites. The sharing feature of these sites helps your business in penetrating more levels and getting more relevant people which, otherwise, would not have been possible. They also offer customised applications for promoting your products and brands. The advantages and privileges that these sites offer have made more businesses move towards the social marketing.


  • Fighting social evils: There have been incidents where the crimes and unpleasant incidents have been fought over the social media. Its reach to the huge audience is an advantage in such cases. Finding lost ones, getting a criminal penalised or getting justice, social media has contributed significantly in these cases.

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Negative Impacts of Social Media


  • Addiction: It is a widely known fact that these social media sites are addictive. We unconsciously keep checking our social networking accounts every five minutes for updates. Most of us are also sleep deprived because we tend to indulge in these sites through the night, updating and chatting.


  • Isolation: People often get so engrossed in their social networking world that they tend to ignore the real world. They stay connected to the one who are far away but fail to connect to the ones who are right next to them. They become stranger to the real world and isolate themselves from the ones they are living with.


  • Declining productivity: It is obvious that when you are distracted every now and then, your productivity is tending to get affected. Checking the social sites for the updates every now and then in the middle of the studies or work breaks the chain of concentration. Hence, you have to start all over again and in five minutes you lose the rhythm again. It not only wastes your time but also decreases the quality of the outcome and productivity.


  • Leak of information: With everyone being able to share the things you have posted, your personal information reaches to total information who could be a criminal. Often the abduction of a child or a crime committed these days has their roots linked to the social networking sites.


Social media stands in a gray area, somewhere in between the good and the evil. Its being good or bad depends on the user to a large extent. Make sure your security options are uptight and be careful of what you share online.


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