Essay on Positive and Negative Impacts of Transportation Technology

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Transportation Technology – Positive and Negative Impacts

Technology has affected every aspect of the human world. From education to communication – nothing remains untouched by the evolution of new technology. Transportation is one of the best physical timelines to tab the growth of technology. With progress, we have come a long way in the ways we design, build and plan our transportation systems. Detecting crashes, counting traffic, collecting tolls and fares, and managing traffic signals have been possible due to our technical progress. The amazing array of hybrid vehicles and hydrogen powered buses didn’t exist a generation ago. Nevertheless, with comfort comes compromise.

Positive Impacts of Transportation Technology

free essay on impact Transportation Technology

Technology has greatly enhanced the modern transportation. Today, we can travel overseas, thanks to the Wright brothers and their ingenious airplanes. We can navigate under seas, thanks to submarines. Ships and boats have become much faster and reliable compared to the ancient times. Trains can go over mountains and hills. And of course, cars and bicycles have proved to be a vital part of an adult’s life. Animal driven carts are now a thing of the past as trucks can deliver items in a few days rather than months. Perishable goods can now be imported as well as exported safely, thanks to technology in transportation.

Due to this, economy all over the world has been magnificently progressed.

A lot of travel time has been cut down, making business faster globally. Also, betterment in transportation has enabled the gap between the developing countries and developed countries much smaller. Global trade has reached new heights and inter-personal relationships amongst countries have improved drastically.  The world has become a smaller place.

Natural calamities have become bearable as outside help can reach the affected area in minutes. Evacuation processes have increased in speed.

Glow in the dark paths have helped bikers navigate at night, high speed trains have made commutation hassle-free, spacecrafts have carried humans to the moon, and GPS has made getting lost a lot tougher.

Transportation advances have proved to be a great boon in almost every field of line, be it extending help to the remote areas of the world or exploring the outer space.

Negative Impacts of Transportation Technology


Due to advanced technologies in transportation, barriers have shrunk and social issues have been on the rise. Immigration has caused a lot of problem to the world peace. Illegal immigration has also been on the rise, making the borders meaningless and the world a circus.

Terrorists are also gaining immensely from the advancement in transportation technology. New cults and terrorist groups are popping up in every nook and corner of the world.

Oil is a major product transported to various countries from the Middle East. But now, it has also become a thing to be fought over. Wars due to oil are a common occurrence now.

Another setback is the loss of habitat and deforestation. When tracks are laid over rocky terrains and through forests, a lot of the natural settings are destroyed. We are losing several species of animals every time the mountains are blasted and trees are cut.

When the rocks are blasted, laborers are exposed to fatal accidents. Production and manufacture of vehicles also trigger minor accidents. A combination of reckless handling of transportation systems and human errors make accidents inevitable. Hence, injuries are unavoidable, courtesy the “advanced” transportation technology.

Fuel consumption is at its peak today, and so is the depletion of earth’s natural resources. The consumption is much higher than the rate of replenishment, which suggests that our future generations may face a crisis.

Burning of fossil fuels to power present transportation systems cause pollution. On a visual level, though high, the pollution is nothing compared to underlying levels. The green house effect combines with rise in pollution is increasing the speed of the dreaded “global warming”. Ice caps at Antarctica are melting at an alarming rate and the rise of sea level is nagging scientists all around the world. Another form of pollution is noise pollution, which is on a rise due to horns and inevitable clanging of heavy vehicle parts. These are damages beyond repair, and we as a race are moving towards an inevitable doom.


To bring out the summary of this article in a few words, let’s quote Booth Tarkington from the Magnificent Ambersons,

“I’m not sure he’s wrong about automobiles,” he said. “With all their speed forward they may be a step backward in civilization — that is, in spiritual civilization. It may be that they will not add to the beauty of the world, nor to the life of men’s souls.”

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