Essay on Importance of Social Media

Free 715 words Essay on Importance of Social Media for school and college students.

Social Media plays a vital role in today’s society. It changed the way people communicate with each other and also in building contact with people so unknown to us. This was not possible earlier, only with the advancement of Social Media did people were given a chance to explore the world outside their well, and share their opinions in public. Some of the famous Social Media’s like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. changed the face of society and approach towards the community. Day by day the number of social media is increasing tremendously. Some stay with their stamp pressed while others just pass out like a wind. It plays a very significant role in personal, social, professional, and marketing sectors.

Essay on Importance of Social Media

Social media and Personal life

Facebook changed the way we interact with our friends and family. It set a revolution, by which the whole world looked so close to our fingertips. It just brought people far away close together. One can connect with their friends and family so easily and share their life with them on a daily basis. Instead of sending the photos through email to your family and friends, just sharing it in social media was very much easier and has more fun. The comments and likes make your sharing valuable and make you and them feel happy. It is just not photos; you can share anything and everything on this platform like posts, news feeds, etc. Like Facebook, other social media like Twitter helps in building a new relationship within your circle and to know more about any new friends or followers you make. There are many differences in the outlook of different social media’s, but all of them have the same purpose of bringing close which is far.

Social Media and Business Marketing

For a success of a business venture, it is required to have a good marketing and quality. Earlier, the marketing sector was depending on newspapers, televisions, direct marketing and word-to-word marketing. But, today apart from all these, Social media marketing is a requirement for a business venture to succeed. The media like Facebook is a perfect platform for advertising your business. People can see what is going on with your venture and share and like your page which in turn gains more popularity. You can post about your new releases and updates about your company and attract people with an excellent post and page. Twitter is another important way to connect with people to expand your sector. You can also connect with people who share similar views using hashtags and thus gain popularity. Another useful media is Instagram where you can post photos and tags to get the attention of your customers and also new customers.

Social media and Professional

With the advent of social media, now it is much easier to search for a job or for a company to search for a right candidate. LinkedIn, one of the largest professional platform in the world, is one such platform. It is a social resume for your job search. Employers can drive through these mediums to select a candidate appropriate to their job requirement. The candidate needs to build an attracting profile to stand out from millions of competitors to get attention for the employers. Most of the companies are depending on LinkedIn and others for their employee search and to get updates about their life.

Social media and other sectors

It has been included as a curriculum for many business schools all over the world. Social media marketing is a critical area for research and studies to do business to stay in the market. It also plays a significant role in education sector like increasing the interaction between the students, help in team management, help with resources for study, and much more.

Social media, unlike other media’s, is a two-way communication area. There are different areas of social media gaining importance like social news, education, job search, marketing, and society. All these are crucial in today’s scenarios. More and more people depend on social media because of their ease of availability, its possibility for direct interactions with customers for the entrepreneur, advertising with lesser cost than other Medias and also because it is the best way to increase your ranking by search engine optimization.

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