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Increasing Population- A Giant Engulfing Everything


The ever growing population has been a matter of concern worldwide. Although it is said that the population of a country is its asset, it is the country’s workforce but so much of population is more of a liability to the world. The job opportunity isn’t growing with the speed that the population is growing. The natural resources are depleting faster than before. If the problem is not checked, it might cause serious problems. Country like China has foreseen the problems it can bring in the future and has already taken the steps for combating it. Every country must take the clue and the inspiration and start doing the same before it’s too late.

Free Essay on Reasons for Increasing Population

Before you begin finding the solution of any problem, it is vital that we understand where its roots lie. That helps in understanding the problem and finding the solution to it. So, here are the few reasons for the ever increasing population worldwide.

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Reasons for Increasing Population


  • Declining Mortality Rate: With the research in the field of medicine and treatments, world have found the cure of many diseases that used to be fatal before. The advancement in the field of health has also increased the life expectancy of human beings. The improved treatments and modern medications has decreased the mortality rate has aided in the increasing population. On one hand the improved medical facilities are a boon to us, helping us fight the most dreadful diseases. While on the other hand, it is an important contributing factor to the world’s most concerned problems.


  • Increased Birth Rate: Development in the field on nutritional and healthcare science has helped in increasing the fertility of women. Now, even those women who cannot conceive can have a child with the help of assisted conception or surrogacy. This has played a very important role in increasing the population.


  • Immigration: This has been a problem in some parts of the world. If a country finds itself full of immigrants, it is bound to see the rise in the population. It is a simple mathematical calculation. If the immigration in a country is high and there is less or no outflow of the population from that country, it is bound to be overpopulated.


  • Illiteracy: Illiteracy is yet another important reason for increasing population. For the ones without education, it is hard to understand the need of keeping the population in check. They fail to see the problems that overpopulation brings to the country. For them, bearing children is a gift and they don’t want to devoid the self from it. They keep bearing children one after the other, greatly contributing to the ever increasing population.


  • Poverty: Poverty is a global issue. For them, more hands means more earning and more earning means a comfortable life. So they just keep adding to the population in a hope of getting their economic condition better. What they don’t understand is more hands for earning also means more mouth to feed and with the rising prices, it becomes harder to keep ends meet. Also, the scope of employment, even for the daily wagers, doesn’t grow accordingly.


  • Lack of Family Planning: The population of most developing countries have little or no knowledge of family planning. Marrying the children in early age increases the chances of multiple pregnancies, thus adding to the population. Many people are either ignorant or shy of taking measures for family planning and controlling population.


  • Lack of Entertainment: It might sound funny but the rural regions of many countries still lack the source of entertainment like television or radio programs. This makes them copulate more, adding to the population.


Every country needs to fight this problem together. Although the problem is same but the same solution will not necessarily work for everyone. Every country needs to single out the underlying cause of the problem and plan to combat it accordingly. There are many problems that will arise due to this one problem. It gives rise to conflicts and wars. The growing population also affects environment and natural resources adversely. It also increases unemployment and poverty, thus giving a rise to the criminal activities and frustration in youth as well. More population also means more demand of the products whereas supply remains unchanged, thus giving in the way to inflation and high cost of living. The only way out of this problem is to provide education and awareness of the drawbacks of overpopulation and tell them about family planning. Controlling population is the only way of keeping the country on the track of progress.


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