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India was under a colonial role of the British Empire until the year 1947. On the day of our independence, the Indian National Army too was finally liberated from alien rule too. It has been derived from the British Indian Army and armies from princely states, carrying a strong legacy and experience of battles or campaigns across the globe. The army is commanded by Chief of Army Staff, but the official Commander-in-Chief is the President of India. The operational and geographic division of army is into seven commands and has a regimental system. Indian army is world’s second largest army with around 1.2 million active troops. 

Free Essay on Indian Army

Wars and Operations:

Indian Army has fought and won several glorious wars to protect its countries from foreign adversaries. The first one was for the liberation of the princely state of Kashmir, immediately after independence. Kashmir then ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh was invaded by unruly ‘Pathans’ and disguised members of Pakistani Army. As both armies clashed, an Instrument of Accession was signed in the favor of the Indian government. Under the UN-brokered peace process, a Line of Control came into existence and both armies retreated to their respective territories. The Indian army assisted while annexation of the princely states of Hyderabad, Goa and Daman & Diu. One of the most harrowing experience for the Indian army was 1962 was with China on the eastern Himalayan border of India. As China refused to recognize the McMahon line, it launched a full-scale aggression against the Indian army which fought with valor and might. Next significant incident was the Operation Gibraltar of August 1965 where the President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan launched the infiltration of their troops into the Indian Territory. The Indian Army retaliated with full force and captured areas even up to Lahore; they even hoisted the Indian Flag at the Haji Pir pass, which was a major victory. With casualties on both sides, peace was brokered by the international community at the Tashkent Declaration.

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The Bangladesh Liberation War is considered as the most successful military escapade of the Indian army where it fought against the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s army to infiltrate Kashmir on the pretext of the independence movement of East Pakistan. The Pakistan’s army laid off their arms and surrendered their 90,000 troops and signed the Shimla Agreement. Next was Kargil where Indian Army thrashed its enemies in the full-scale conventional war restoring the Line of Control. Ever since the rise of militancy in Kashmir, a huge set of army personnel are deployed in the state of J&K, for counter-insurgency operations simultaneously maintaining peace and tranquility.


Indian army is the largest contributor of troops to the UN Peacekeeping missions. Other than that, they have exercised a plethora of exercises such as Operation Brassstacks, Exercise Ashwamedha, Yudhya Abhyas, Exercise Shakti, Exercise Shoorveer, Exercise Rudra Akrosh, Exercise Nomadic Elephant and Exercise Shatrujeet.

Military arsenal

The army has its headquarters at New Delhi and has 65 regiments, where Mechanized Infantry is the latest combat arm. Indian army has a huge arsenal of self-propelled artillery that includes guns, howitzers, heavy mortars, rockets, and missiles. Different divisions are made for specialized functions such as Corps of Engineers, Corps of Signals, Army Aviation Corps, Corps of Air Army Defense and many other services. There is a set of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Tactical Missiles and Anti-tank Pre-commission training of cadets is done at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and Officers Training Academy in Chennai. The army division of the Indian Armed Forces gathers intelligence from the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and also the National Security Agency at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Some facts

The hierarchical form of the field formation starts from section to platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division, corps and finally command at the apex levels. A set of awards are reserved for army officers for gallantry displayed at battlefields such as Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra. The construction agency of Indian Army, Military Engineering Services (MES) is the biggest construction agency of India. There are only three cavalry regiments in the world, and Indian army is one of them. The oldest paramilitary office, Assam Rifles to protect the north-east was formed in 1935. Established in 1773, the President’s bodyguard is the oldest armored regiment of the Indian Army. Army divisions are often called in for law and order management in case of emergencies and even disaster management.

A nuclear-empowered defense structure of India has multiple safety mechanisms and doctrines at its convenience. The precarious border situation, recurring standoffs and confrontations, and colossal internal issues have always been protected by the courage and commitment of the Indian army.


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