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The scale of connectivity in today’s present age is unprecedented and absolutely irreversible. Information technology has expanded its tentacles at a level and degree that was unimaginable and magical just a few decades back in the history of thousands of years of human existence and statehood. Education, business, service, transportation, communication, entertainment, etc., are acutely dependent on Internet services. It has indeed made work faster, smarter, and efficient. People today are stuck with their communication devices, and make extensive use of social media. This brings us to the question as to what was life like without Internet. It is something that the present generation cannot fathom or exist without given the high level of dependency and interconnectedness.

Free Essay on Life Without Internet

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Internet services have its existence from Arpanet created by the US Department of Defense. Google which is synonymous with search engine and carries the largest traffic online was discovered in 1998. When Internet did not massively affect the lives of people, education was attained mostly through volumes of books and libraries. Today, with an exception of few scholars and students, libraries are mostly deserted. Information being available on fingertips, people are unwilling to read much today contributing to their half knowledge. Education in pre-Internet era was defined by extensive reading of encyclopedia, subject expertise was attained through practical observation and its elaborate description via books, and subsequent follow-up. Magazines, journals, huge volumes of books were the only means to prepare for University exams or competitive exams. It was undoubtedly time consuming and required greater effort as compared to the present time, and was exhausting. There were no means of online courses or free availability of lecture videos, hence making quality education expensive, unreachable, and accessible to all.

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Communication in an era before Internet was slow, rigid, limited, and inefficient. The forces of globalization that has shaped the world today couldn’t have been possible without the blazing fast speed of Internet. Services such as email, instant messaging, and bulk data transfer, cloud computing were elusive at that era. Hence, communication required transportation. The time before the advent of electricity and telephonic services was even more difficult. This was the reason social constructivism never developed and it took really long for intercommunication between multiple entities, consequential in slow decision making and speculations. Several advancements were either stalled or took time to come to fruition. Life before Internet was supplemented by slow transportation too such that business and services were affected. The present pan-continent connectivity and widespread business propensity was unheard of at that time.

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Banking in the pre-Internet era was extremely cumbersome and labored, as it required maintenance of huge registers, data entries, files, and folders. This limited the capacity of banks and customer experience was also wearisome. Hence, there was low penetration of banking and financial inclusion. Similar was the fate of insurance. Telecom industry brought some respite to communication, however, the enigmatic experiences Internet offered were unparalleled.

Industrialization undoubtedly began in the 17th century, but it couldn’t reach its best potential unless the invisible forces of Internet brought to forefront its unbeatable benefits. Earlier, business establishments couldn’t use predictive analysis, automotive manufacturing, large-scale advertising, and intercontinental dealings, due to the dearth of a valid connectivity infrastructure. There was no means or bandwidth to internationalize production on a massive scale, the way it is possible today.

Moreover, the entertainment industry was confided and constricted to cinemas and theatre experiences, social gatherings, and festivals. This has its own benefits of greater consolidation of thoughts and interactions. However, absence of Internet meant the absence of social media experiences that made the world a smaller place to live in. There were no platforms where unknown people from any corner of the world could connect to each other. On the same lines, e-commercial ventures, online marketing, search engine dependency, online food distribution system, competitions, and other ventures were elusive.

Business expansion was limited due to constraints in logistic optimization. Similar restrictions were faced by the transportation sector, via airplanes or shipping cargo. Absence of Internet led to lack of synchronization and widening of exploration. Marketing was old school techniques through broadcast communication, hoardings or pamphlets. News and information dissemination was highly skewed and uninteresting, unlike today when information across the world can be accessed anywhere on movable devices. Lack of information led to manipulation of economics and slow realization of democratic rights and fundamentals. As people began getting connected to the Internet, the shadow of ignorance and indifference has faded away. People have been empowered through Internet that extends exceeding opportunities, and attracting greater participation. An era without Internet was that of darkness for the non-elite that has been changed pemanently.

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