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 The present reality:

The first and foremost thing striking our minds when we drab around in trying to livie a life without technology is definitely the Android sleeks, having captured, conquered and conjured us to become “Smart slaves”

Just a shocker as to how much we have become slaves to technology is narrated by the under mentioned real-time scenario:

Free Essay on Life without technology

I rely on my phone as my sole means of communication with the world. Imagine my panic, when I found myself cut off from the world of social, content media shortly after my arrival in a remote hilly and valley region of the Himalayas. Although I was reunited with network signal after a mere 2 days, this shocking experience has driven me to question myself am I relying heavily on technology and its bandwidth to drag me around and make a slave out of me?

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I personally think that technology has come to stay; in our schools, in our offices, in our homes and neighbourhood, in our streets , shopping malls in our lives with extremity. Nothing to be frightened of if a balance is baked as to how technology is used and to what extent it is avoided.

First and foremost the main reason behind technological development is problem solving and ease of doing things. Humans looking for ways to make things easier and merrier. And then making those easy things, more easier. It sounds wonderful like, doesn’t it? The problem starts when we stop putting effort in the things that we do. Everything is so easy than now we don’t want to invest ourselves in anything. And specifically talking about phones (because the in thing presently is them), we can see how it is slowly degrading our capabilities. (just imagine a robot stuffing food for you, scrubbing your back etc)

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Simple example to state is Instead of wishing her friend personally on the birthday, my daughter sends a “Happy Birthday” through android text message, in the same floor in the same apartment; further deep into the soiled habits seen, instead of learning how to cook something through practice, we look for the recipe on the internet; instead of taking the time to meet someone, ask for their number and catch up online.

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One often forgets that androids and Smartphone’s are very much a novel invention, a 21st century adventurism to make ourselves more technologically driven that to “at/on our fingertips”.

Present day, to the increasing distress and detriment of traditional forms of communication, we are expected to rely on our phones for everything. Our androids have become a “shadow followers” to us acting as calculators, clocks, cameras, calendars and music players, and sadly the traditional forms such as the letters are fast becoming a thing of the past and sometimes ridiculed as “stone-age” technology. Similarly our LCD’s, home robots, automatic toasters, washing machines, floor cleaners, auto driven vehicles etc are becoming ingrained within us .

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Additionally, it’s very funny that I smile within to see and notice more and more Smartphone replacing face-to-face communication. I regularly see groups of people in restaurants, theme parks, commuter systems (railways, airports etc) for example, paying a sticky attention to their androids than to themselves let alone each other present in the community.

I can’t be the only person who definitely wishes to think there is something inherently worrying about this; are we beginning to choose the company of technology over the company of other human beings. To have the same simply extended and to mention we are slowly drifting towards making a bed-in with technology rather than “Nature” and “US”?

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Ingrained Deeply

Presently the world is encapsulated in technology, and all of us live within and around it. Personally I consider that I couldn’t live without my phone or my laptop, especially my phone I use every day and not just for entertainment or communication but for my various day to day living and professional needs.

But sometimes it makes me feel so insecure of this addiction that it runs a shiver down my spine when it comes to attending to all the above during a “technology meltdown” or very frequently used “tech breakdown”. But then again to think of it, it’s very much needed at least in frequent intervals so that we are bound back to our “originality” when we get disconnected. We feel confident isn’t it?

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One of the good sides of being disconnected is that our interconnectivity with our colleagues, friend’s, relations increases to the needed extent, in addition to trying to explore some places or corners within your city. For the ‘young and sleek’ it may be boring because of the lack of culture in the recent decades.

When I was like 7 or 8, I used to play with my neighbours even though I was born in the 2000, the” cusp of the technology addiction platform”, I am proud to share an unforgettable childhood with my neighbours, and the same is still in continuum. Also there’s a big probability that the new generations never must have enjoyed the sunny days and the rainy afternoons amongst their friends.

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But the flip side ferociously staring and conveying to us is that technology is the basic of the culture nowadays, with the Smartphone’s and the computers we now have an easy way to communicate, get entertainment and informed. But boundaries have to be marked.

For example there’s a saying Phones get wiser and people gets lazier. That’s when boundaries have to appear, and we have to establish how much technology will be a part of our existence, and whre its campaign ends.

Elaborating and spreading this a bit further it’s noted that technology has been behaved with in a strangely diversified mannerisms as to the larger or the so called macro society.

Many people feel bad, naked and lost when their laptops or handy cell phones are taken away. Digital technology trends always have certain good and bad aspects. For example technology has transformed how politicians and journalists do their business, who aggressively send and receive messages or talk with someone everywhere and try to build their reputation and charm covering elaborate and targeted areas quickly.

However, insane use of technology can bring misery. One study shows that 75 % of premier high school students spend 7-9 hours a day using the social network sites and just 1-2 hour to learn and read their academic curriculum. Bad isn’t it!

More so the blossoming younger generation, known as the “Indian Pride” for the upcoming millennia is sadly and despicably not involved on a face to face conversations but most of the times rely on Face-book, Google chats, Twitters and Skype conversations etc.

The sheen of reality and emotional line of communications is being kicked out from the present roadmaps being attentively followed and practised.

Technology can also be bad for business too. Many practise the thought process that they can do a lot of things at the same time, it’s multitasking. Multitasking can affect the brain and can cause stress. The most important human drain when doing multitasking is to effectively trying to bring down your focus and capabilities towards delivering.

The good part of the relation between technology and us humans is that we as humans can sense when it’s just enough for us to be bursting and be relieved from “IT”.

The flip side being technology does not go with such conscience.

Technology at an arms distance

There’s a macro lesson here: if a kid is spending too much time on let’s say X-box or android or an iPad and not enough time getting kicked outside towards getting some exercise, let’s not blame the “Savvy tech”. As seen before the iPad trend, they were playing video games, and before the video games trend they were watching TV, and before TV watching trend it was reading comic books. Throughout history, it’s uncovered with generations of youth who would rather sit around and play than to go outside and play. One side and the most matured side to look is that It’s not technologies’ fault that the youth are behaving likewise… it comes down to self-control values and the disposition of technology by the same.

When one looks into the future unmistakably what do we see? A still world of cubicles, desks and paperclips, or do you see a very different and fast evolving world?

So, while some may think it’s important to keep technology away from oneself for as long as possible, I’m open to argue that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. I can’t imagine my kids ever using a hard bond note book including an eraser and pencil when they finally enter the workforce… In fact, I’m willing to bet that they probably won’t even be using a keyboard and a mouse on a computer like we do today.

Nothing can stop evolution of human kind from the present best available technology to the next better and the best. It’s always evolving and will definitely be a grave tragedy if we humans say enough is enough as to the technology we are seeing today, further declaring we’ve come around the full circle of technology and innovation and time to rewind towards stone age. It’s not going to happen. It’s ridiculous.

Technology is neither good nor bad. We can’t live without technology, but we must pay attention to the way by which we use it.

One can reign in over ones adaptability and techno-mania habits and sustain the virtues of humanity, exposed over several thousands of years, by differentiating when to use and when not to. It’s a simple decision making ability already engraved in us and we humans must endeavour to protect ourselves from the deeply following shadows of Techism and Technomania by keeping the same at an arms distance and yet grinding into their utility values to the optimum.

Hope the above feelers help all and dear to emancipate a healthy yet non reconciliatory relationship and attachment with technology. Technology can be the ladder but technology being the “climber” is disturbing.

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