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Ever since humanity started forming clusters for collective security, to protect themselves from enemies and dangers, they have always needed a leader. History is a record of intrepid representatives of clans, communities, and countries who have gone to all lengths to protect the ones who have bestowed upon him that responsibility. Even management has a history which began with the dawn of mercantilism, transnational trade, and merchandising. Leadership and management, therefore, are those Democratic and pace-setting duties that have evolved the progress of humankind. 

Free Essay on Management and Leadership

Leadership is about empowering people, without the necessity of wielding authority on them. An effective leader has the potentially the most outstanding communication or interpersonal skills. Leadership rests in a charismatic humility and positivity, optimism so resolute that no task seems apprehensive and no target unachievable. It is full of immense determination and confidence clearly towards vision expectations. There is always a scope of transparency and accountability, where the fairness of action decides the headway of an organization. Such resilience about the commitment of fulfillment is incredibly inspiring.

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Two kinds of leadership predominantly change the workplace. One is traditional and the other collaborative. A traditional approach is more of accumulated authority and ownership of information. In this case, one needs to deliver quick solutions to problems within the stipulated amount of time availing the requisite resources. The traditional undertakings require annual staff performance review adhering to the company policy. In contrast to this, collaborative approach is a collective effort where knowledge and ideas are openly shared. Suggestions are openly welcomed from all levels, and the management encourages fierce brainstorming within the team. Roles and responsibilities suit the capacity. Collaborative teamwork offers personalized training and feedback. A leader needs additional emotional intelligence accreditation to have social awareness. The fundamental prerequisites are the passion to get things done and the talent of directives and delegation.

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Management is more about understanding the motivations of a team and their learning styles. A manager needs to lead from the front, recognizing employee achievements while promoting growth and development. Management is about setting expectations and discussing performances regularly. There is a need to shape the orientation of work culture, something that fosters optimism. Experts have classified management into six categories, namely autocratic, consultative, persuasive, democratic, chaotic, and laissez-faire. On the top of that, there are eight secrets of excellent management. It starts from decluttering to planning, prioritization, being effective with unwavering focus, instinctive while finishing the job, forbidding procrastination and finally staying organized at all costs. Project management trends on a difficult path, as the capitalist world is full of brutal competition.

Both leadership and management need the trait of making excellent decisions and have an appetite for risks. The debates while making multiple analysis of some situation and exploration of ideas are consequential in bringing optimized outcomes. Multitasking and multi-handling is a critical path to walk on, hence every step needs to be measured.

A synergic and symbiotic relationship of leadership and management engenders an organized and productive teamwork, augmented innovation from employees and emancipated work. A leader is someone who innovates ideas and creates value out of it. He is more of a developer who focuses ardently on the employees under him, energizes their efforts and builds monumental trust. His perspective goal is long-term, that challenges the status-quo with an indomitable spirit. On the other hand, a manager is an administrator who counts on the value that has been created and works relentlessly to develop or convert it into a growth trajectory. A manager mostly focuses on the system and structure of the organization where the functional approach relies on genuine control over the subordinates. It won’t be wrong to assert that management is more of a short-term task where the right thing has to be done in an exemplary manner.

While both leadership and management characteristically involve human resource management, there is a basic difference in methodology. A research at the Chartered Management Institute as reported by The Guardian newspaper says that 90% of members who have completed a management and leadership qualification found the experience improved their performance at work. Such observation is self-explanatory. Management undoubtedly focuses more on prognostication, budgeting, and planning, whereas leadership is a work ethic associated with foresight and conceptualization. Both these indispensable criteria are interchangeable and essential for the growth of an organization or the world.

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