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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first elected leader of India to have a deep and extended outreach with the citizens of the nation. He is considered as one of the most popular leaders India has ever seen with massive support and unprecedented following. His eloquence and confidence took India to storm winning him a historic mandate and hearts of millions of Indians craving for a change. As soon as coming to power, Narendra Modi brought a paradigm shift in governance from the grassroots to the top-notch level. He has charmed the farmers, middle class segment, youth, women, and corporate class. His achievements might not have been extraordinary, but his ideas are innovative, consequential, and robust.

Free Essay on Mann ki Baat

As soon as he got to the helm of power, he initiated a fortnightly radio programme where he addresses the nation. This speech is translated into all prominent regional languages of India. The idea was predominantly to ensure that his voice reaches even to the remotest corner of the nation. He generally greets people for any upcoming event or festival, raises their enthusiasm for the festivity, and shares his happiness for the same. Narendra Modi through his address in Mann ki Baat, publicizes his administration’s prime policies, that would help the people know government schemes better. He often stresses on his pet projects such as ‘Make in India‘, ‘Digital India‘, ‘Swachh Bharat‘, ‘Skill India’, etc. In fact, Mygov application is an online platform where people can mention their feedback regarding government policies or share their grievances. Modi has even picked up some incidents from there and mentioned it in Mann ki Baat. For example, some real-life heroes, rare incidents, and congratulatory remarks.

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Mann ki Baat has had a great psychological effect on the people of India. They felt the government closer than ever and the prime minister even more now. It was like talking to their leader and listening to him so closely. People could relate to him and respond in their own ways. His address to the nation acts as a booster to governance. Some of the best administrative committees set up in India have always suggested that e-governance is one of the best ways to ensure transparency and accountability in the government. Through the online portals and this radio address, this government has made an extremely smart move of building an interpersonal relationship with more than a billion people. In fact, people now look forward to Mann ki Baat address.

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Several opposition leaders and left-wing intellectuals have criticized Narendra Modi of not being accountable to the free press and have accused him of unilateral communication. Since he is simply reciting his own thoughts and emotions through the radio address and not answering the queries and grievances of people. However, it needs to be made clear that multiple grievance redressal mechanisms and administrative set ups exist in the country. Narendra Modi’s address is a great method of communication with the general public. It also gives a sense of hope and anticipation to the people of the country who expect a great deal of support, assistance, and positive governance from him.

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