Meaning and Essay on What we think, we become. – Buddha Quote

Free 534 words Essay on What we think, we become. – Buddha Quote

Meaning and Essay on What we think, we become. – Buddha Quote

Unlock the Fullness in your Mind by Overcome your Fears

There is a fruit found in Africa, called the taste-berry. It is said that when you have eaten the berry all else that you will eat subsequently becomes sweet to taste. Even the bitter food tastes good. This is the extraordinary effect of the fruit. The task which any person in the world can accomplish is surely you can achieve the same. That is called the taste-berry of the soul. The mind is the key to the treasure that lies within you. If you will open your mental eyes and behold the treasure house of infinity within you. There is a gold mine within you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyfully and abundantly. What We Think, We Become ,Buddha has clearly stated that our thought process only manifest what we wish to become. Our thought has great power what we think and what we become.

meaning and Essay on What we think, we become. - Buddha quote

The master secret of the ages only can found in your own subconscious mind. One who is single mind leads a life of integrity. Being positive mind, present-minded, then single minded are the steps towards no mind state. When people are listening there is also a conversation going on in their minds. The more the self-talk continues, the more is the distraction. You become what you think all day long. Today scientists are starting to understand the value and power of “Thought Energy”. This is the fundamental law of Buddha that is as you think you become. Thoughts have an inherent capacity to materialize any kind of situations. Buddha’s teachings always emphasize on the happiness of the individuals. Therefore you must uncluttered your negative thoughts to live like Buddha.

Buddha is the sign of happiness and prosperity. If you wish to become self-confidence then you must throw out all the joy-killers, the negative thoughts of greed, ill will, jealousy, malice, and envy. You must fill your mind with happy thoughts- thoughts of purity, prayer, sympathy, service and sacrifice, love and kindness, prosperity and peace, success and victory. When the truth enters you fully, the mind becomes no mind very easily. To increase confidence you should be present your mind on now. Prepare yourself mentally before venturing to gain expertise in any field. Prepare your mind to raise your level of skill. You will also need your mind and heart, to be completely involved in what you wish to accomplish. In this manner, you can create a great reservoir of self-confidence within you. With regular practice of balancing thought process can help you to become free from fear and hesitation.

What we think, we become Buddha is an example of pure mind with wisdom and knowledge. The mind is the reservoir of desire. Putting your desire on hold for some time can help you to increase your confidence and will power. Every day before retiring to bed ask yourself what is the one thing you should complete in the whole day.  On getting the answer wake up in the morning and complete it. The doors and windows of your mind will be opened and the joyous feeling will blow within you as the wind of liberation.


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