Meaning and Essay on An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. – Mahatma Gandhi

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Survival is becoming harder every day in this world. No one is the same. We cannot expect friendly behavior from all of us. Cruel intentions rise due to greed and many other unhealthy reasons. On the other hand, many of us commit blunders that cost dearly. The bad decisions or actions can impart harm. Committing mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, is a part of human nature. The only act that causes, even more, harm is revenge. The act of retaliation causes a rippling effect where people harm each other in course of action. No one wins at the end of the act. Hurting someone has become a common practice as human beings are losing the ability to forgive someone for his or her wrongdoings.

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Mahatma Gandhi quoted ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’. The quote can be related deeply to the actions of the human beings. We are incapable of coping up and forgiving someone. The quote means that if the same punishment is given to those for committing wrong actions then no one will be left unpunished. Revenge is like a domino effect. Once started, it will end with utter chaos and destruction. The words ‘eye for an eye’ means punishing someone in the same way he or she did the wrong thing. The whole nation will be left blind then. The consequences will cost dearly.

To err is human. Mahatma Gandhi showed how compassion can change people. Love and peace provide a solution to all the critical problems in the world. It is true that any friction can be solved by sitting and discussing gently. One might commit a bad thing. If he or she is realized what consequences have been brought down to someone for the action, then the problem will be solved automatically. Realizing the bad things will bring change in the thoughts of the diverted person. He or she is misguided in due course of life. The only peaceful approach can change it without creating any collateral damage. Mahatma Gandhi quoted the famous words when one of his rallies went berserk.

Our actions are Newtonian. ‘What goes around comes around’ is a universal truth. We should realize that our wrongs eventually bite us back. Violence can never end with violence. It will be always provoked and the chain of reactions will continue leaving the entire nation maimed. Gandhi intended to end the existence of violence in the world through his course of action. But we are imperfect and slave of emotions. Ending violence is impossible. Gandhi’s tenet was to stop violence by not reacting violently. Sometimes this doctrine never works. The government is forced to take violent action to eradicate another course of violence. There is no another way out. The ideal world exists in books. But we can make it better and simpler. Being compassionate and forgiving will bring the change. Education is very important. We have to be unbiased to see the critical situations through. A big change starts from a small good intention.

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