Meaning and Essay on Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.- Albert Einstein

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Peace is relatively a term that characterizes civilizations that have existed since our early days in evolution. Though, in practice, there have been efforts to observe peace with the early days of evolution when co-existence of human tribes was challenged with conflicts. In general, in the modern context, Peace is only referred when there is a sign of conflict between the entities that share divergent views and stance against the facts or ideas that may have originated with the nature of their being such as societal attributes, regional contribution, Religion, Ethnicity, Race and so on.

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Though the path of Peace is often misunderstood to be victory or the oppression of the parties involved. The reality, however, remains that Peace can only be achieved by mutual understanding and cannot be destined by forceful deeds. The history has been the witness for the cause of Peace that was violated time and again across the globe. With the two World Wars that had literally torn the world, the stakes for another big war is never out of sight. As evident, each of the war occurred with the need of forcing peace into the countries that were using the force of oppression towards other nations. However, the archives of the information as collected during the post-colonial times indicate that there could have been peaceful reforms if there were forceful actions that take by one power on the other. Also, most of the countries that existed during the times of War were developed and sane to understand the barbaric consequence of the war that followed. So, indeed, Peace is a more stable and reliable union of wisdom and power that works within the limits of humanity.

As world history has indicated, the offensive relations amongst parties involved does not do good to either party and mutual understanding is the true key to having a constructive development towards building a safer world. Every closed societal entity that exists as a subset of the society is bound to have differences that may vary in magnitude and indicate a sign of conflict within. Hence, the key to maintaining peace in a constructive manner is mutual understanding rather than forcefully depriving the harmony of the societal pattern of any regional entity across the globe. Hence, it is just not our logical understanding that drives the thought of peace, the History itself has been the witness to the lack of credibility in the forceful action against the will of Humanity. In fact, Peace can be considered as a continual process that transcends through the levels of understanding between the many entities that are included in the confrontation. So any resentful action to the process of understanding does indicate that there is a need to reconsider the options and try the best of the resort to avoid the forceful confrontation that could lead to some of the unforeseen implications such as Terrorism, Holocaust, and Communal unrest. Hence, Peace through understanding is more stable than the forceful action of Peace.

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