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Taylor Mali in his speech ‘speaking with Authority’ , is like people are not speaking totally of whatever they know, especially on issues related to questioning authority. He claims that people are not using the full authority when they speak on certain issues. He asserts that, ‘it is not enough to question authority; you got to speak with it, too!’ He challenges the abilities of his audience of how they speak their thoughts, their minds, and their souls, as well as raising questions about how individuals think about what they are saying, and how what they are saying sounds like.  Therefore, he gives a glimpse of what has happened to speech by illustrating what the humans have become, especially of the nature of untoward reality of which individuals are when they open their mouths, and speak all nothingness. Many people have claimed that an individual cannot see himself as other see him, a claimed which is supported by the Taylor Mali Speech.


Taylor Mali continues to claim that people are not articulating their thoughts and feelings in ways and manners that clarify both.  He therefore, tries to encourage people to speak whatever is currently on their minds, and to be serious as well as being honest, so that other people would take them serious. He further motivates people to discard the bumper sticker wisdom, and speak with authority and conviction in a declarative manner.

Plato’s idea of the Cave of Shadows

Taylor Mali’s views on speaking with authority relates to Plato’s views of truth, in the idea of the Cave of Shadows.  What is happening to speech is similar to the theory of the Cave of the Shadows as an analogy that regards the truth of the people who are entrapped within the cave of thinking. Many people in the American society today have numerous conflicted feelings of personal beliefs and opinions, which have chosen the wisdom of the bumper sticker. Many people are not applying declarative statements in their speeches with authority and conviction to denote what is true.

Speaking with authority in the sense of the Plato republic in ‘The Myth of the Cave’ in relation to the modern pluralistic society, it is quite difficult to speak with conviction and authority, because people feel that they are under the close scrutiny of the media, and that they would feel uneasy or show signs of shyness and blushing if they err, even if the potential errors are within the confines of discovering the ultimate truth. Therefore, people find it difficult to jump off the uncertainty bandwagon

Moral Issues

Speaking with authority raises many moral and ethical issues of the realities of the world in which people live in today. The level of uncertainty when speaking with authority brings fore ambiguities, whether speaking with authority results into doing right or wrong. Morality is generally considered to be a code of conduct, which individuals, groups, or societies hold as authoritative, especially in distinguishing between right and wrong. Such ideal codes of conduct are generally espoused in preference to other options.

Whether questioning authority with authority and conviction would be considered wrong or right, is because it is difficult to due to shyness of potential damage.  This relates to Mali’s reference to the modern American Culture which is highly influenced by the media through the articulation of the popular culture, which in turn defines what is wrong and right, who has the power and authority and who does not have. The modern American mainstream pop culture is defined by people gravitating towards bigger banners and louder advertisements propagated mainly through the internet and information technology media. It is as well difficult for someone who has been cut out of the mainstream media to question authority, and have instead developed the wisdom of the bumper sticker in choosing between right and wrong.


The moral issues associated with the volatile subject of abortion, concocts several ethical components of opinion formations of whether abortion is moral. Many people have the opinion that the woman’s right to choose is paramount and they give little attention the unborn child choices and rights. According to Mali, it is difficult to question authority when individuals find that they are so great and mighty, in living the good life of having the right to choose would be like fooling God. Furthermore, it is difficult to question God’s authority and law, since individuals are living their lives through God’s law. The world’s view of having the right to choose is widely acceptable, but issues such as abortion is morally wrong, and therefore, people should seek the truth by speaking with conviction and authority.


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