Meaning and Essay on The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

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Human intelligence is the intellectual capacity of humans characterized by the process of perception, consciousness, self-awareness, and decisiveness. It is the sign of intelligence that human beings possess that allows the cognitive abilities to learn, understand conceptualize and apply logic and reasoning. The evolution process of Human beings is solely characterized by Intelligence as compared to any other living being on the planet Earth.

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As with the thoughts from some of the greatest evolutionary scientists who have walked the earth such as Charles such as Darwin, Intelligence is a derivative of the will to survive. It does not necessarily need to have to knowledge even to the least levels, but in fact, knowledge is again the derivative of intelligence. Albert Einstein was geniuses who have based most of his works against the laws of nature and against the logic of the common man to understand the process and concept of Energy that makes the Universe. Albert Einstein himself was an average when it came to the perspective of knowledge. He has been one of the exemplary examples of Human Intelligence that goes beyond the power of knowledge. What drives the intelligence of Humans in all frontiers of life is often the external factors that lies far off from the perceived reality. Hence, Sir Albert Einstein has been the visionary for those seeking knowledge beyond the perceived world that most of us as Humans understand. In other words, Knowledge in the larger context can be considered as the outcome of Intelligence. One of the most accurate references to the human emotion through imagination is visible with the early work of Cavemen who embraced the walls of caves with imaginative images that were related to reality but was elevated to include the concept of early imagination. The evolution since has been the characterized by imagination and the subsequent behavioral changes that have made us into what we are today, the Humans. Hence, indeed in more than one literal term, it can be deducted that imagination holds the key to intelligence. In fact, imagination is the scope that tests the existing reality and enables us to think beyond what may be considered as sanity for humans.

Sir Albert Einstein has been the key vision to the power of imagination since he is believed to be the contributor to the whole series of Nuclear Science as we see today. The famed Relativity theory was one of the most cutting-edge concepts that related mass to energy. It has hence proved that energy can be converted into mass and vice versa. The theory has led the revolution to the most of the science that relates to sub-atomic particles today. As observed in the case of Sir Albert Einstein, imagination is indeed the key to intelligence and the cradle of knowledge. In a broader light, Imagination can fuel intelligence to newer innovations and improvisations that knowledge cannot provide as the basis of intelligence. Hence, it can be concluded that an unimaginative mind is of no use to have knowledge but, the imaginative mind can do with little of knowledge and be fruitful.


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