Meaning and Essay on Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. – Maya Angelou

Free 534 words Meaning and Essay on “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou for school and college students.

This is a beautiful quote from one of the well-known poetess of its time. With a very thoughtful and deep message that the quote carries, it tells us to be kind enough to brighten someone’s else’s moment, day or life with a smile, a hug, kind words, and deeds or just by being there for them in their difficult of hard times.

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Something done for someone with a pure heart and selflessness can go a long long way in making someone feel happy, worthy and loved. It takes so little on our part, yet, it will leave a memory to cherish forever along with the sense of gratitude that they will have to offer for you. At the same time, it will leave you feeling much happier and content by such acts of kindness.

Everyone in the world has their own struggles and small battles to fight and you have the power to bring some happy moments, some cherished memories in this chaotic life of theirs. So next time, appreciate your spouse for the little things they do for you every day and we take them for granted without expressing any gratitude. Say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ with a smile to the guy who made your morning coffee, smile more to your colleagues ,tell your friends and family that you care for them, forgive and make amends to the friend who hurt you, make that phone call to appreciate your parents you never had time for, stop holding grudges. You will be surprised how much more meaningful your life will become by such random acts of kindness.

This quote reminds us that we all have the chance to make someone else’s life better and eventually making our much more content and happy. Smiling on someone’s face at difficult times, when dark clouds are hovering them is the kindest and at the same time easiest thing to do. The above quote is the gentle reminder of this fact.

There is so much joy in giving , be it a small compliment or genuine smile, a bear hug or a small talk, there are numerous ways of giving to make someone feel better. ’Giving’ is always more meaningful than ‘receiving’ and the joy of ‘giving’ can only be felt. Express gratitude more for the little things to have a fulfilling life and have a positive mindset to bring peace and happiness in the lives of others like a rainbow does after darkest of clouds.

The power of positivity is immense. Having a positive attitude and a belief in oneself can help in making lives beautiful both of others and our own. Choose to be a rainbow in order to spread happiness to the people around you. A rainbow that gives the hope even after the darkest storms in the cloud. Choose to be a person for someone’s smile. Choose to be a person with a kind, giving heart. Choose to be a rainbow for brightening lives.

Try to be a kind, compassionate, understanding and selfless person who people wants to be around. You never know how such small actions can brighten someone’s day in trying times.

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