Meaning and Essay on The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Free 517 words Meaning and Essay on The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page : Saint Augustine of Hippo Quote for School and College Students.

Every single human being will agree that being born as a human is the best happened to them. Our world is full of outstanding places to visit and embrace the beauty of nature and culture. The trait of roaming from destination to destination is in the nature of the human beings. People travel for pleasure and spend quality time in a different destination. The present age is full of business and hustles where we forget to live our life to the fullest. We bury our desires deep down and become a part of the system. The quote ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’ is made by Saint Augustine.

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The inner meaning of the quote

Saint Augustine of Hippo was a Christian philosopher and theologian. His insights and writings developed the Western philosophy and Christianity to a considerable extent. According to him, being born as a human is like the first page of a great book. His quote hides an interesting analogy which states that reading only a page will provide you ample information. That information will not be complete unless you move to the next  chapter.

A chapter will lead to the next chapter and eventually we will finish reading the book. According to him, traveling is like a book of life. Staying inside the four walls or in a restricted way means absolute confinement where a person cannot grow his or her insights and knowledge. If a person has the urge to know and learn, then he or she must explore the whole world.

The person who moves from one destination to another learns a lot about topography, culture, communities, and mysteries hidden. It is like moving from page to page until the entire book is completed. The journey is blissful as every page reveals the mysteries of the previous page of the book. The quote hereby urges everyone to learn as much as possible to make his or her lifetime worthy.

Traveling afar is life

Learning about other cultures and communities is very important. Saint Augustine as a philosopher described the importance of traveling in a person’s enlightenment. If we learn about others, we will find much more hidden mysteries about ourselves. Traveling is a way to connect the mind with the body and find solace. A human body reacts very well when there is a soothing change over distressful time.

Traveling and unraveling new things are the best experience one can achieve. It is like reading a new interesting book. Page after page, the enthusiasm and thrill grow and the reader finds himself in absolute bliss. In order to understand the context of the whole book, we need to read it. Similarly, to understand the actual aspect of life, we should travel and see the unseen. This activity should be done when we are still young. After a certain age, traveling will not be a pleasure. Life is full of responsibilities. We should figure out time to let ourselves free.

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