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In this modern world, humans hardly get time to relax, work their muscles out, and make genuine efforts to stay healthy. Most of the employment activities have become stationery and life sedentary. This is the reason why incidences of obesity and diabetes are proliferating like an epidemic. Such busy lifestyle and eating habits can be attributed to the workplace environment, pressure of the job, and adulterated food. In these circumstances, morning walk can offer the best stress relieving and soul rejuvenating exercise. This part of the daily schedule has the potential to become the most exciting and awaited time. 

Free Essay on Morning Walk

A simple morning walk of 30 minutes or more is the easiest way to release stress, improve the mood, lose weight, feel fresh and happier. It not just boosts energy into a mundane routine but also finds a way of self-discovery when done alone. Early morning is the best time to walk as it’s the only time of the day when pollution is at its lowest level and it ensures an abundance of fresh oxygen into lungs, a necessary health booster. With some cool accessories such as headband, sipper, walking shoes, music in the ears, and free mind, one is ready for a soulful retreat.

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Morning walk is a precursor to good health as it helps strengthen the heart. Medical research claims that brisk walking reduces the susceptibility of heart disease or stroke. It lowers blood pressure and prevents hypertension. Since diabetes has already become a ubiquitous lifestyle disease, a perfect remedy to this problem is regular morning. It helps improve the body mass index, improves blood sugar level, and assist management of insulin in the body. No exercise can be as effectively equivalent to this, as it creates an even balance of weight loss regime. One doesn’t even need to overstress through workouts if a perpetual morning walk remains unhindered.

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It has been found that older people are more vulnerable to diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis that leads to stiffness of joints and painful movement of muscles. Walking gently daily is a modest exercise that helps improve bone density, and strengthen bones internally. Cholesterol is another harmful menace that is constantly associated with people, and it is true that greater amount of lipids increases the risk of heart disease. In fact, deposition of cholesterol can even cause blockages in arteries that are life-threatening. An active lifestyle such as walk before sunrise can be a major panacea to this problem. The constant monotony of work supplemented with multiple household responsibilities gradually build up a lot of stress. This depression is self-defeating and has a demoralizing effect. In facts, patients suffering from depression can feel a significant difference in their demeanor through constant morning walk exercise.

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The exercise through morning walk just doesn’t bring physical fitness and toned muscles but also accelerates the functioning of the brain by enhancement of mental alertness and resuscitation of memory. As walking increases brain activity, it also improves the immunity system protecting the body from diseases. Walking might seem tiresome but it actually helps drive off fatigue and increases the lung capacity. As a matter of fact, it’s the best way to keep looking younger as walking rejuvenates the skin and keeps it glowing.

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Researchers have claimed that walking decreases the chances of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly. Walking prevents cognitive degeneration and in fact, slows down aging. There can be no other activity discovered by a human being that is more helpful and consequential as a simple morning walk, and hence must be followed religiously and proactively. Soon it becomes the most exciting part of the day.

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