Essay on Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Concept

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Who was Nikola Tesla

“The man who invented the 20th century.” This is how Nikola Tesla is known in scientific circles. Nikola Tesla was a disciplinary genius who had the knowledge of many disciplines. He discovered the rotating magnetic field in the year 1882. This concept gives us AC electric power system, which is still being used today. His discovery of the rotating magnetic field, in 1882 resulted in a series of US patents in 1888. This gives us the AC electric power system. Tesla made use of his concepts to solve human problems. However, he was ridiculed when he talked about his advanced theories.

free essay on Nikola Tesla's Free Energy Concept

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What is his concept of free energy

Nikola Tesla came out with the concept of free energy. This is a revolutionary concept in which he discovered that vital energy could be obtained from the heat of the atmospheric air. Additionally, he also found out that electric power in the form of radiant energy could be distributed to the whole world through the ground. Max Loughan has continued the work started by Nikola Tesla. The latter was mocked at when he talked about free energy and his inventions. It was not until Max Loughan started teaching the world how to run on free energy, the principles taught by Nikola Tesla were gathering dust. Loughan uses an old coffee can, some coils of wire and a spoon for his experiment. He says that he is here for a purpose and that is to continue the work started by Nikola Tesla and discover the future for the inhabitants of the world. Loughan’s contraption is capable of making enough energy to light up a string of LED lights wrapped around a support. Max says that fossil fuels have allowed humans to build large cities and travel great distances. However, that has been at the expense of the atmosphere. Nikola Tesla had postulated that we could make electricity without burning fossil fuels. Nikola was far ahead of his times, in that his ideas were made fun of and ridiculed.  He was labeled as a quack and a charlatan. Today, Loughan is showing the world the mistake that people of those times committed by ridiculing Nikola. Max Loughan has made a gadget that looks something like a Tesla coil and operates on the same principles as described by the electrical energy visionary. His device harvests electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere to convert it into direct current. This direct current then powers sophisticated electrical devices. Max’s contraption gets its power from radio waves, thermal and static energy present in the atmosphere. His contraption cost as little as US$15. Nikola Tesla, after discussing about every known method of gathering energy from the atmosphere, departed into unknown territory, when he invented the ‘self-acting engine’. Nikola called it the ideal way to obtain motive power. Nikola Tesla’s engine rendered redundant Thermodynamics’ second law.  It says that machines that produce more energy than you do put into them are impossible. This law is only applicable to machines, which are closed to the environment. In case of machines that are open to the atmosphere, they can produce more energy than is put into them. Nikola Tesla’s best attempt to provide the world with free energy manifested itself in the World Power System, a method in which power could be broadcast without wires, through the ground. This tower, he called Wardenclyffe Tower. He could not complete the tower but his principles of producing free energy from the atmosphere are still alive today and Max Loughan is continuing his work. Max Loughan has shown the world how mistaken it was when it chided Nikola Tesla and completed the half-done work of Nikola Tesla. A mere 13 year old, Max worked in his parent’s house, in their boiler room. He had turned it into a laboratory in which he discovered things. Here, he harvested free energy from the atmosphere.


Thus, we have come to know about Nikola Tesla and Max Loughan, who continued his work. We have come to know the principles on which the world can produce free energy from the atmosphere. We have seen how we can produce energy without fossil fuels. Such unique work was hitherto frowned at, but, lately, the work of Max has gained a lot of importance. Currently, Max is pursuing his studies through online courses at MIT. Here, he hopes to continue his studies, after conquering the rigors of high school. These were Nikola Tesla’s free energy principles.

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