Essay on Nirbhaya Case – Facts, Impacts, Verdict

 Essay on  Nirbhaya Case – 2012 Delhi Gang Rape  – Facts, Impacts, Verdict

Multiple organs along with dreams and aspirations of a small town Indian girl were destroyed on a ravenous night of 16th December in 2012, as notorious molesters and assailants committed one of the most heinous crimes in the history of our country. It was doomsday for a Delhi girl, who was accompanied by her male friend on a normal night. She was gang raped brutally by six men, in a moving bus, and subsequently ferociously attacked with iron rod. She succumbed to her injuries and those murderers were arrested. Even after such long interval, the convicts have not been sentenced. Not only New Delhi but the whole country was upfront in protesting against this savagery. Bills, ordinances and laws were formulated to enable rapid procedure of justice. However, there has been no significant improvement in either the law and order situation. Besides, women integrity continues to get trampled and injustice prevails.

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The Nirbhaya case was extraordinarily gruesome and barbaric. The victim Jyoti Singh was a 23-year old physiotherapy intern who along with her friend boarded a bus at Munirka to reach Dwarka, in Delhi. Unfortunately, it turned out to be her last journey alive. There were six drunken men in the bus who deviated from the normal route and shut the doors. On objection, they picked up a fight and the whole scuffle turned into savagery. While Jyoti was raped mercilessly, her friend was beaten too. Both were thrown out from the bus brutalized. Jyoti couldn’t survive the horror of the night. However, this incident became the rage of the entire nation. As the news of this terrifying incident spread like a wildfire across the country, hundreds of thousands of people came out on streets. Youth and old protested alike, through slogans, candle marches, media sensitization, etc. This incident came down heavily on the Government of India.

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All the six men were caught by the police and detained immediately. The Honorable Supreme Court of India has already pronounced death sentence to four of them. One of the accused Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar jail where he was lodged, while another was a juvenile who has been sent to the rehabilitation center. The impact of protests and vehement condemnation was huge enough for the Government of India to create a regressive law against juveniles who committed heinous crimes. Although it was heavily criticized for being unhelpful and retrograde, the collective conscience of the nation apparently supported the same.

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Once called a land of golden bird, India has lost it’s glory to male chauvinism, political transcendence, conservatism, and most importantly into a women’s nightmare. Right from legislature to administration, cultural to diplomatic, religious or corporate, women face discrimination and sexism. The most disturbing situation arises in the under-privileged areas where females are often exploited or molested, yet most of these incidents goes unreported or lost. Statistically speaking, 92 women get raped in India every day (India Today);  33,707 rape cases registered in 2013 (National Crime Records Bureau); Rape cases up by 31 per cent in Delhi (Indian Express); India comes third in the top ten countries with highest number of rape cases (UN Crime Trends Survey). These figures speak for themselves. The perpetual deliberate hostility, dehumanization and gruesome criminal activities have an increasing record, with no special emphasis done on their protection by the law makers.


India’s Daughter, a documentary over the same ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case has received widespread condemnation from the leaders and radicals, who have been lashing out at the director for broadcasting such incident around the world. The documentary shows he ruthlessness of the convicts, mindlessness of their defendant lawyers and despondency of the victim’s parents who lost their beloved daughter. It is hypocritical and wretched heterodoxy of fanatics who refuse to listen to cries of millions of unsafe women around the country. The motion picture failed to promulgate awareness, rather faced unimaginable criticism. The reason is male hegemony, which they have inculcated in the society that passes on through generations. The Nirbhaya case have received international attention from worldwide media, but India apparently took no lessons even after such shamefulness. Even today the accused continue to rot in the jail, waiting for their death sentence. Given the justice dispensation scenario of India, the ultimate consequences of this case might take a really long time. Meanwhile, such gruesome incidents continue to occur and rattle the nation. To the utter dismay and trauma of women in India, rapes still happen and even go unreported. The Nirbhaya case was a wake-up call to not just the nation’s police administration but also to the society, something both of them refused to respond to.

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