Essay on positive and negative impacts of hacking

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No matter how secure you make your system, it is never hacking proof. Hacking paints an image in our minds like someone creating a catastrophe by sneaking into controlling the complex codes of programming. In the past few years both hack and hacking has evolved taking in the new meanings.

Free Essay on impacts of hacking

Technically hacking is the use of computer and the network by exploiting their vulnerabilities for gaining unauthorised access to the system or the resources. It is the unauthorised intrusion. A hacker can make changes in the security features or the entire system for fulfilling the aim which differed from the original purpose. As bad as it may sound, it also has some good in it. We will discuss both the impacts one by one:

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Positive Impacts of Hacking


  • Benefit of Society: Many big organisations, jointly, take initiatives for solving the social problems. They hold events related to the hacking with the purpose of solving many social issues like tracking the signal strength of wifi in the areas struck with disaster, tracking a phone or a broken wheelchair lift and mapping safe zones by tracking the incidents of sexual harassment. Hacking is also used to intercept the terrorist messages and planning an action before they plan any attack. It can also reveal the wrongdoing since now most of the data and transactions are digital.


  • Securing the Data: Most of the times companies also arrange hacking competition for knowing the glitch in their system. It helps them fix the patch and keep their data secured. Many companies hire hackers for keeping a check for the bugs and the glitch in their data security. This is yet another positive impact of hacking.


  • Innovating: Yes, innovation is not only done by creative heads but also by the hackers. In the earlier days, the hackers known as phone phreakers used whistles and blue boxes to hack in the telephone lines for making free calls whenever they want. It was one of the former phreakers, Steve Jobs, who has created the most secured and sophisticated phone at Apple. Like that, hackers also disintegrate the codes and then reassemble them making something new and innovative. Mark Zuckerberg was a hacker too and he created Facebook out of it. The founder of Linux was a hacker as well. Their knowledge of hacking has driven them in creating wonderful comings.

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With the advantages comes the disadvantages as well and not one but many. Hacking is a dangerous territory with many drawbacks and temptations to do the evil.

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Negative Impacts of Hacking:


  • Financial Losses: Many individuals and companies have suffered massive financial losses due to hacking. Hackers hack into the bank accounts of the masses, withdrawing money from their accounts, most of them hard earned. More financial stress comes afterwards in the form of patching the security glitches, making up for the loss of the customers and clients, in the lawsuits and due to the shutdowns that follows after the hacking. Tracking down the culprit also bears heavy expenses to them.


  • Information Loss: Many times, the hackers delete, move or change the files carrying vital information. This can result in grave losses of data. The leak of information often leads to the hacking of accounts, both financial and digital. Often top secret information is also leaked, compromising the national security and creating security issues worldwide.


  • Intrusion in Privacy: It is easy for hackers to gain access to your system and they can see everything, even reveal it to the world by posting it on the social platforms. Today, we stand at the risk of losing more since most of our lives are digital. Hackers can creep into our email and social networks, getting access to all our personal information and pictures.


  • Damage to Reputation: Hacking does irreparable damage to the reputation of the victims. The companies lose their credibility in the market, thus losing a fortune after being hacked. Also, there have been incidences where the personal photographs have been tampered and transformed into something vulgar and were re-posted in the hacked account by the hacker. This has also brought shame to the owner of the account, causing damage to their reputation beyond repair.

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There is both the good and the evil to the hacking. It all depends on the moral of the hacker. There have been proof that it has been used for both the good and the evil deeds. There have been incidences of an unethical hacker being fought by the ethical hacker. But nonetheless, there is the need to beware of the security breach.


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