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Today, it is hard to imagine our lives without Facebook. Founded thirteen years ago on 4th February 2004, it is an online social networking service provider and an American for-profit corporation. The Mark Zuckerberg founded social media platform has approximately 2 billion active monthly users. The social media platform has become an integral part of our life. On one hand it helps you connect to your very old long lost friends and on the other hand it lets the strangers peek into the privacy of your life. Sounds scary, right? Like everything, Facebook also comes with both the good and the bad things. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Free Essay on effect of Facebook

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Positive Effects of Facebook


  • Connectivity: The best thing that Facebook offers openly is connectivity. It helps you locate your long lost connections and be friends again. It helps you stay in touch despite the distance. You can easily know what is going on in the life of your friends and family just by befriending them on Facebook, Their pictures, videos and statuses reveal the most recent happening in their life.


  • New friends: Facebook helps you in making new friends. You can get in touch with the ones who interest you or have similar interests like yours. You can know more about each other. Moreover, there are communities that help you in promoting your talent and give you more information on the thing of your interest. At times you also get ideas on how to get more with your hobbies, talent and interest.


  • Being Expressive: Facebook gives you the freedom of expressing. You can go on from flaunting your new dress to the lyrics of your favourite songs. You can post the pictures of your special occasions.


These are some of the best things that Facebook has brought into our lives. But we can’t ignore the fact that where there is good, there is a little evil as well. Facebook also comes with certain negative effects.

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Negative Effects of Facebook


  • Addiction: Facebook could be very addictive if its usage is not kept in check. You might end up checking up your Facebook account every few minutes for the updates, thus getting distracted from the work and people at hand. Teenage kids usually get easily addicted to Facebook and its charms.


  • Fake Profiles: Since you can’t see the people behind the profile, it gets easy to pretend and present yourself in a way that you are not. Often it is hard to recognise a fake person from a real one. The one you might find compassionate might be one hurtful stalker and there is no way to know.


  • Cyber Bully: Who says bullies are only in school and colleges. They are there on the social sites and communities as well. In fact bullying on these sites is easier. It’s easy for few people to corner anyone and bully them until they lose their confidence.

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However, it isn’t such a bad thing if used with caution. Don’t get too much into it. Don’t trust the absolute strangers. Keep your privacy settings up along with your guards and it will be fun using the Facebook.


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