Essay on positive and negative effects of Advertising

Positive and Negative effects of Advertising

Advertising is an action that draws public attention towards a product or an activity. These actions are generally paid actions and may be in any form written, oral or visual, performed through print media, television, internet, radio, outdoor display or announcements etc. These advertising actions are ordinarily non-personal messages openly sponsored to promote the product or activity or service and inflate its demand.

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Positive Effects of Advertising –

  • The most obvious advantage is that brings the product or service being advertised to the visionary of the customer, thus introducing it to mass in a jiffy. Advertising describes its properties and its Unique Selling Points in detail. The customer does get motivated for the product/service with the kind of details, brand value, etc that are attached to it.
  • Advertising remains the commonly used approach to educate customers. In present times, Advertising traditionally starts even before the service or the product is launched in the market. Thus, increasing its value during the start-up phase.
  • It is predominantly the best way of marketing and increasing sales. Even the work pressure on the salesman reduces as the customers become already aware of the product/service.
  • Customer gets an easy way of comparing products/services under competition. At times, this competition does help in reducing the economical value of the products/services.
  • Another reason it proves out to be a boon to the customers as advertising helps eliminate the middlemen, which is another reason for high costs.
  • Advertising done in any way or through any media, does play a role in increasing job opportunities. With the value of the media, the value of the product/service is defined traditionally.
  • In case of print media, Advertising typically reduces the cost of the newspapers and magazines as the cost involved in its printing is mostly taken care of by the advertisements published therein.
  • Advertising also plays a major role in raising the standard of living of a country’s population. It definitely creates a desire amongst people to improvise their consumption or their standard of living in the society.


Negative Effects of Advertising –

  • Advertising is conventionally a costly affair. It adds on to the cost of the product as well and thus, kicks back on the pocket of its consumer.
  • Advertising doesn’t always highlight the right information or portrays something more eye-catching, distant from truth. Thus, it’s not something one can rely upon impulsively. Customer needs to cautiously decide over its accuracy.
  • Advertising surely creates desires for better standard of living but on the other hand, it is equally responsible for the imitation in the society. There exists a competition amongst related people to display better standards.
  • At certain times, it becomes an easy way of brainwashing for manufacturers without concerns over genuineness of the product/service.
  • Higher the competition amongst related products, added is the confusion amongst buyers as every product is proven to be superior that its counterpart.
  • Our culture sometimes distorts certain cadre of advertisements into objectionable category. This may include foul language or objectionable displays. It further leads to ruining the social values.

Thus, just as the saying goes “Everything has its own Pros and Cons”, Advertising is nonetheless.

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