Essay on Positive and Negative effects of alcohol

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Positive and Negative effects of alcohol

Like the saying goes ‘excess of everything is bad’, same is true with alcohol consumption. Till the time alcohol is taken in moderate amount, it is fine but as soon as taken excessively, it poses the increased risk of many diseases and other health hazards. There are some positive effects too if taken within limits. Here is your guide to know the pros and cons of alcohol to help you decide yourself:

Positive effects of alcohol consumption:

  • Help in feeling relaxed: If taken in moderation, alcohol helps in feeling relaxed, stress-free and livelier. It makes one feel less tired after a long day and let you feel and talk freely.
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases: If going by various types of research, limited intake of alcohol protects from various cardiovascular diseases. As mentioned earlier, it is important to know how much is enough?  2-3 glasses of wine or beer per day is considered to be enough. It also varies from person to person and for few even 1 glass is enough.
  • Employment: Although the negative effects are more than positives, alcohol industry provides a lot of employment in various stages of its making like production, retail, and services. Many people make their living from this thriving industry.
  • The medium of socializing: It is also believed that alcohol provides a medium of socializing at various forums. Alcohol is the main attraction of any party, function or event and it helps people mingle and make connections.

Negative effects of alcohol:

  • Health risk: Excessive intake of alcohol put a risk of infection of liver, stomach, sleeping disorders, dementia, and cancer of mouth, throat & intestine among various other health problems.
  • Lack of social and moral responsibility: Too much of alcohol make people socially and morally irresponsible. For working individuals, alcohol poses a lot of risks. People with alcohol problems fall sick often. Drunk driving put other people lives at risk. Similarly, if a pregnant woman is habitual of too much drinking, it put the life of the unborn baby at great risk.
  • Increase in domestic violence: Taking alcohol more than the capacity to handle plays an important role in aggression. Most of the cases of domestic violence and manhandling happen under the influence of alcohol.
  • Addiction: One of the most common alcohol hazards is the problem of addiction. Many countries are grappling with the problem of alcohol addiction which is destroying families, increasing cases of child and sexual abuse and domestic violence under the influence of alcohol.

It is a person’s responsibility to understand that by letting alcohol take over their life they are putting their life at risk. Knowing your limits and capacity to handle is what one need to realize. Like the good and bad effects of everything in life, not allowing the bad effects impact our life adversely is our duty. The youth of every country should make an attempt to save the society from this widely increasing social evil. Long term over consumption of alcohol can lead to serious and dangerous outcomes on our lives and society at large.


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