Essay on positive and negative effects of nuclear energy

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Some pros and cons facts about nuclear energy

In present time, nuclear energy is one of the best sources of energy. This source of energy is considered as good option because of environment friendly benefits. This process is completed in nuclear reactor and used to produce the energy and electricity. In any nuclear reactor, nuclear fission process is used to produce the energy in large amount. To produce the energy and electricity with this process, they use a radioactive element known as uranium. This source of energy is considered as a better option than other sources like coal power.

Free Essay on nuclear energy

When you think about this source of energy, it can seem beneficial from one side. But there are also some negative impacts of this energy on the environment. Let’s know some important positive and negative facts about nuclear energy:

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Pros of Nuclear Energy

The invention of nuclear energy was a revolution to produce the energy in large amount. Here are some important pros of nuclear energy:

  • Low pollution:

When we compare the nuclear source of energy with other sources like coal power, we find it less effective at the environment. In the nuclear energy production, fewer amounts of gasses like carbon monoxide and methane are produced. It is also effective because of less harmful impacts on water, air and land during the reaction. So this method of energy production is not so effective for the environment.

  • Most reliable source of energy:

When it comes to reliability, this method of energy production is beneficial. Where other sources like solar and wind power sources are dependable on weather conditions, this source can be used in any condition. The people can be assured about the production of energy because this method can be used without any interruptions.

  • Relatively low fuel cost:

From the angle of fuel consumption, we can say that this process is lower in cost. While the cost of nuclear plant set up is high, the fuel cost is low. Uranium is cost effective and by using the nuclear source of energy, inexpensive energy can be produced in large amount. Because of cost effectiveness, this source of energy is used worldwide for production of electricity.

  • A large amount of energy production:

This method is called as one of the best energy sources because the large amount of energy can be produced by nuclear fission process. When we compare this method with other fuel burning methods, the amount of energy produced is very large.

So these are the main pros of using the nuclear fission method to produce the energy. Because of these positive aspects, this method is considered very reliable for energy and electricity production.

Cons of Nuclear Energy:

Apart from the advantages of nuclear energy production, there are some negative impacts of this method. This method is harmful for the environment in following ways:

  • Large amount of radioactive waste:

During the nuclear fission process, a large amount of waste is produced. This waste material is very harmful and dangerous for the environment because of the radioactive features. When we calculate the total amount of the waste material in all nuclear reactors, it is very high.

  • Accidents during nuclear reactions:

During the nuclear reactions, the danger of accidents is very high. In these reactions, a large amount of energy is produced that need to be handled with care. In this method, radioactive fuel is used so the risk of accidents is very high. These accidents put some serious bad impacts on the environment of that area.

  • High cost of plants:

While the cost of nuclear fuel is lower as compared to other fuel sources, the cost of plants is very high. It is not an easy and cost effective task to make a nuclear reactor. These reactors and plants need regular maintenance. So the cost of manufacturing and maintenance is very high.

  • Limited amount of fuel:

The amount of the Uranium is not infinite on earth. If we calculate the regular usage of uranium, this fuel can last for 70-80 years. After that time, it will be difficult to replace this radioactive fuel and to produce such large amount of the energy.

With all these negative impacts, there are some more cons of this method. It is not easy and the safest method to get the uranium from the mines. After getting it from mines, it is a work of care to take it to plant. The impact of radioactive fuel is very harmful to people’s health. They get some serious health issues while working in such radioactive area and having a large amount of radioactive waste material nearby.

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