Essay on Positive and negative impact of biotechnology

Free  517 words Essay on Positive and negative impact of biotechnology for school and college students.

Essay on Positive and negative impact of biotechnology

Biotechnology basically refers to the technology that uses living organisms or systems in order to derive some new products and services. Everything that you see around us is nature that is sustained only because of the balance. Biotechnology has brought about many changes in the humans, plants and animals life.

From past several years, scientists have been using this technology and various tools of it. No doubt, Biotechnology has impacted nature in both positive and negative ways.

Let us look at the positive impact of Biotechnology first:

  • Plants are grown using harmful pesticides and chemicals that affect plants’ growth but Biotechnology has given such plants a new way to grow in a healthy way. Now plants have their own way of offering resistance to pests. They don’t need any pesticides or chemicals anymore.
  • Biotechnology has improved the taste of fruits and vegetables.
  • Traditionally, there were no means to detect the pesticides or chemical content in the plant or the animals but Biotechnology has given several kinds of diagnostic kits that allow humans to check pest infestation. Such a kind of diagnostic kits gives accurate results. So, a farmer can check the number of pesticides, any particular plant or animal should be given and at what time. This helps them to analyze plants and animals’ growth rate as well.
  • Biotechnology has made Plants more-resistant to harmful viruses’ and pests.
  • Biotechnology has given a solution to a number of animals, plants, and human’s diseases.
  • Vaccination for diseases is available now-a-days that lowers the risks associated with illness.
  • Biotechnology has helped plants give better fruits and vegetables.
  • A lot of improvement in dairy products is seen after the introduction of biotechnology.
  • Enzymes are a creation of biotechnology. You might be aware of the fact that these enzymes help in better processing and prevention of food.

Moving on to the Negative impact of Biotechnology:

  • Biotechnology is an expensive technology. For example, Genetic Engineering, one of the important parts of Biotechnology is a costlier science. It is costlier to get genes transferred from one species to another.
  • Time-consuming technology where getting desired results is a probability.
  • Alterations and modification due to biotechnology have impacted the originality of species.
  • Biodiversity refers to the balance of the ecosystem. Biotechnology impacts biodiversity in a negative way. By developing new and modified seeds, it is giving nature a new plant but affecting the ecological balance as well.
  • The Addition of pesticides and chemicals for modifications affect future fertility rate of the soil.
  • Impact on Animal’s Life: Biotechnology is not considered good for animals’ life. Especially for Monarch Butterfly. One of the beautiful butterflies that are dying due to harmful toxins of genetically modified crops.
  • Biotechnology gives rise to different types of allergies on animals and humans.

Wrapping Up:
Biotechnology has impacted the nature in both the ways. It has changed the life of plants, animals, and humans to a considerable level. Biotechnology’s positive impact on nature is worth appreciating and negative impact can be ignored over it.


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