Essay on Positive and negative Impact of Brexit

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Brexit: What’s Good and What’s Bad about it?

Brexit, or Britain’s planned withdrawal from the European Union, has been on everyone’s mind since the announcement a few months back. Britain’s current Prime Minister, Theresa May, finally signed the letter invoking Article 50 on 30th May 2017, after much debate and back and forth about Britain’s exit from the European Union between the Conservative and Labour parties, and the citizens of the country. Which begs the question, what is the debate all about? Will Brexit be a terrible move for the nation, economically and politically? Or will it be so beneficial that the little bit of collateral damage can be taken into stride? As it turns out, it’s a bit of both.

 Essay on Positive and negative Impact of Brexit

Let’s begin with what Britain has to gain from Brexit.

Positive Effects of Brexit.

Sovereignty, of course.

Britain would be a completely sovereign nation once more. While being part of the EU does not exactly mean being under the rule of a different nation, there certainly are boundaries. Britain would once more be free to expand her military, and strengthen her ties independently with other powerful nations, such as the United States, outside of the European Union.

Freedom to go outside the Common Agricultural Policy

With Brexit, Britain will once again have the freedom to buy anything from anywhere, on her own discretion, whereas being bound by the Common Agricultural Policy considerably restricted her options. This has manifold advantages for Britain; with the world being an open market for the nation, she can now choose from the best producers of commodities, and the best prices. Inflation would be lower, thanks to the fact that more could be bought for less, and lower prices would be greatly beneficial for the poor.

Fishing industry will boom again

The EU brought a lot of good things to Britain, but the fishing industry was not one of them. This once-thriving industry took a major hit when Britain joined the European Union, and many are now keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that fishing will pick up, and Britain will once more take position as one of the biggest exporters of fish. Apart from being a major source of revenue for the nation, on a more grassroots level, areas like Cornwall and Grimsby will hopefully flourish again, when the fishing industry picks up and there is more employment for the residents.

No more contribution to the EU budget

A considerable portion of Britain’s income goes into its contribution to the EU budget. Not having to o that would mean anymore would mean that that money could now be used to further build and strengthen Britain’s infrastructure. That money could be used to better her industries, or the much-criticised healthcare system.


If all looks good, what is the debate all about? As it turns out, there is ample cause for concern as well.

Negative Effects Of Brexit.

A hard hit economy

Even if Britain does save a lot of money by not having to contribute to the EU budget, she still loses a considerable income from the EU. So far, Britain was earning approximately 400 billion pounds from the EU annually by trading a lot of EU- almost 50% of her annual business. That will no longer be coming in, and industries are likely to take a hit.

Safety issues

Let’s face it: these are uncertain times, politically speaking. First world countries like Britain and the USA are even more under threat from the global danger of terrorism. Naturally, this is not the time of cutting down on allies, but strengthening ties with them. Being part of the EU meant getting unwavering support from other powerful countries such as France and Germany, while exiting the EU might have some negative consequences diplomatically, especially since powers like the United States are strongly in favour of Britain staying with the EU. After all, the EU is the largest economic bloc in the world, and one of the most powerful. Its safety standards are high, and the European arrest warrant and the Europol are extremely adept at keeping international crime in check.

Goodbye to low costs

Being part of the EU basically means being with the world’s largest and most powerful economic bloc, and the freedom to move and trade within a huge free trade zone. Brexit would eventually mean that the same trade rules and restriction would be imposed on Britain as on other non-EU nations. Maintaining presence and reaping profits from other nations would become costlier and more difficult, naturally. Moreover, tourism would certainly become pricier, and students would find it more difficult to gain admission to, and be able to economically afford, studying in the rest of the EU nations.

By exiting the EU, Britain gains some and loses some. From the overwhelming public vote against Remain, it is clear what people want. How Britain plays her cards after the exit remains to be seen, and will be a true test of the nation’s integrity and fortitude.

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