Essay on Positive and negative impact of colonialism

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Colonialism is a term that refers to establishing a colony in a territory using political powers of some other territory. Then the colony formed is expanded, maintained, and exploited by the powerful people of the territory. Colonialism dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries when Britain and many other rich & powerful European countries ruled “third world” colonies.  By ‘Third world’ we either mean western countries of the First world that were not democratic or we mean socialist countries that belonged to Soviet Bloc during the Second World.

Essay on Positive and negative impact of colonialism

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Now we would see some of the positive impacts of Colonialism in 19th and 20thcenturies.

  1. Positive Impact on the Education. Education is one of the fields that have impacted African countries in a positive way.Both the African and the European countries were enlightened especially African countries where education improved their work efficiency even under the rule of European countries without any hassle. The Common method of educating called 3Rs was used during that time that meant quality Reading, writing and Arithmetic skills development.
  2. Positive Impact on the Infrastructure. Infrastructure of the countries was improved under colonialism. It helped in the economic development of the countries. Trade between African and Europeans countries enhanced transportation features that allowed people to transfer goods and services.
  3. Positive impact on Health. Colonization brought Western healthcare culture that improved the health of the people living in colonized area. Latest Medical centers were established to lower down the scale of IMR, infant mortality rate.

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Moving on to Negative impacts of Colonialism in 19th and 20th centuries


  1. The Negative impact of colonialism on Infrastructure. Many people believe that infrastructure was negatively impacted by the colonialism. Improved infrastructure services were open only to the colonial power in order to exploit the natural resources and working labor of that colony.
  2. Negative Impact on the Transportation. Colonialism impacted transportation of many people in a positive way. Before colonializing era, it was quite difficult to transport goods and services from one place to another but soon everything got sorted out with the era of colonialism. Even today, African transportation system is not that advanced. People use bicycles, animal-driven vehicles, carry goods on their shoulders, and use other means that are usually considered backward in urban areas. Engine-driven two-wheelers and four-wheelers are limited only to the developed areas. Farmers live with a low-standard of living and hardly there are any, who can afford to buy motorized vehicles. With the start of the 16th century, many of the European super powers like Great Britain, Spain started exploiting other territories by forming colonies. This hunger to control other territories affected many lives of people of that era. Colonial period ended growing the seeds of national liberation movements in the year 1960, but the rule of almost 4 centuries impacted most of the developing countries.
  3. Negative impact on the Tradition. Colonialism nurtured the new culture and our native culture got lost somewhere in the invention of new civilized nation.

Wrapping Up:

Colonialism has impacted colonized people in both the positive and the negative ways.  Looking at the positive side of it, we can ignore its negative side for the betterment of the country.


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